ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

ADP mission statement is “to provide insightful solutions that drive value and success for our clients by allowing them to focus on their business.” The statement underscores the central role of ADP in the growth of different investments by its clients. It comprises of the following parts:

  1. Offering solutions
  2. Exceeding expectations

ADP (Automatic Data Processing) offers different cloud-based HCM solutions to enable its clients to manage a variety of business operations such as payroll, HR, tax, talent, and tax. The dynamism of this technological platform increases the productivity in a company and enables enterprises to take additional advantage of their data for growth. Other than increasing the competitiveness of business by harmonizing operations, the company does more through its corporate social responsibilities. It goes beyond its clients to empower people and communities through its experience.


The progressiveness of Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is linked to the specificity of its mission and vision statements. With over 50 years in operations since 1949, this company has amassed a lot of experience positioning it among the top business solution corporations. ADP primarily serves a wide range of clients from small to large business units, partners, and industries, all facing unique needs and challenges.

ADP (Automatic Data Processing) has earned itself a remarkable reputation as a driver of value by unlocking the potential of enterprises through the vision and mission statements. Positioning a firm strategically in an industry is one of the primary benefits of such corporate statements. Ideally, the corporate vision statement sets a prospective growth path, while a corporate mission statement identifies the strategies of developing the company along this path. An analysis of ADP reveals similar influences as its vision statement seeks to create a sense of leadership and authority in the company. On the other hand, the mission statement focuses on the difference ADP makes in the running of businesses.

Vision Statement

The implied vision statement for ADP is “providing solutions that simply work.” The experience displayed by this company shows that it understands the different business landscapes.

The vision explains why ADP confidently declares that it has been leading the future of solutions in business for over 70 years. The company has also gained global recognition and consecutive rating as a dependable and most sought-after firm globally.

Core Values

ADP (Automatic Data Processing) core values include “innovation, result-driven, social responsibility, excellence in service, and integrity.” ADP recognizes the need for a strong internal culture to ensure that it remains a best-suited outfit that impacts on other businesses. These core values create what the company needs.


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