AGCO Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

AGCO mission statement is “profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.” The prominence that AGCO places on the quality that its machinery and services to the customers must have cannot be overlooked. The vision statement by AGCO has the following components:

  1. Distinguished quality
  2. Supporting innovations

Competition in the manufacture of agricultural machinery is stiff across the globe. To stay at the top and maintain its market control, AGCO ensures that it does not leave anything to chance while serving its customers. For instance, other than the machinery, AGCO offers extension services including servicing to ensure that their farming activities are seamless and profitable. The second component reveals that there is no end to the creativity of AGCO. The company adapts to the changing times and demands through innovations to upgrade its machinery. In fact, its wide range of brands is a testament to how far the dynamism of AGCO can go.


AGCO Corporation commands the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry in the United States with its high-quality and job-specific machinery. The mission and vision statement of this corporation is a reflection of how fast AGCO has come of age since 1990 when it started its farm equipment manufacturing and distribution.

Particularly, the vision statement of this company lay emphasis on building the capacity to provide unmatched technological solutions, while the mission statement emphasizes on the superiority and impact it offers its farmers. Both these statements agree with the textbook definition of a mission and vision statement. The core values of AGCO works side by side with its mission and vision statements as well. They have especially been critical in defining how the company runs its operations.

Vision Statement

AGCO vision statement is “high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world.” Just like the mission statement, AGCO considers the value of the products it provides to its customers critical. This statement has these features:

  1. Solutions for farmers
  2. Global reach

The emphasis in the first component is that AGCO does anything possible to provide the farmers with all the best farm equipment and machinery they need to boost their productivity. Similarly, the second component shows that these efforts are global and not localized, making AGCO a global brand.

Core Values

AGCO core values comprise “accountability, integrity, respect, team spirit, transparency.” This company is built for the purpose of serving one of the most important sector, the food production industry. Its core values commanding doing the right things and with corporation while displaying absolute care makes AGCO an ideal player in the sector.


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