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Minecraft is arguably one of the best games of this generation. Minecraft has sold over 238 million copies making it the 2nd best-selling video game of all time, outsold only by Tetris with over 500 million copies sold. Minecraft’s success pays Microsoft with 140 million monthly active users; a number that keeps growing by the day.

Being the best game of the current generation does not exempt Minecraft from a temporary glitch that is aka.ms/remoteconnect or the login error. This error message plagues both new and old Minecraft players when they try to join Minecraft servers.

What is the aka.ms/remoteconnect Login Error?

The remoteconnect login error is a cross-play issue that pops up whenever Minecraft fails to connect to the Microsoft servers when you attempt to cross-play the game on gaming consoles.

Microsoft’s cross-play feature allows you to play Minecraft across non-Microsoft gaming devices and operating systems. This feature may only be available upon creating a Microsoft account and configuring it to be enabled with Microsoft’s cross-play feature.

You know that you have encountered the Remote Connect Minecraft issue if you fail to log in to your Minecraft game and an error message text box appears that tries to lead you to the Remote Connect website to get an 8-digit code to enable your cross-playing capabilities in playing Minecraft.

This remote connect login error also prohibits you from using the Minecraft Store preventing you from buying or using Minecraft tokens that you may already have.

Why Do People Face the remote connect Error?

Several things cause this sign-in anomaly. This error code may be because of cross-play issues from trying to play the same Minecraft account on gaming consoles besides the Microsoft Xbox 360. Gone are the days of device restrictions in games, but this new cross-play feature will also have its issues.

Having a corrupted Minecraft game file that the Microsoft Multiplayer Network will invalidate also gets you the aka.ms/remoteconnect login error.

Another culprit would be having an old Microsoft Gaming account. Sometimes the best and simplest solution is getting a brand new Microsoft account that has all the updates of the cross-play and multiplayer features that Microsoft promises.  

Let us discuss these possible reasons why you encounter the Remote connect login error:

Device changing and the Microsoft cross-play feature

If you already have a Microsoft account, Microsoft enables playing your same Minecraft game account across other non-Microsoft gaming consoles like the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Encountering the remote connect error despite having a Microsoft account is a temporary glitch that users still encounter. Microsoft and its cross-play feature might not be as perfect as we want it to be, and loss of access via the remote connect error may still plague Minecraft players now and again.

Corrupt Minecraft game files

Trying to log in to a corrupted Minecraft saved game will run you into the same login error. Minecraft saved files may end up corrupted, just like in any other game that allows you to save the state that you are in.

First Time Enabling Cross-play  

Enabling the Microsoft cross-play may sometimes have you encounter the same remote connect login error even though you are sure that your Minecraft saved game file is not corrupt.

How to Fix https://aka.ms/remoteconnect Login Error 

These simple troubleshooting steps will help you solve this dreaded remote connect login error. Take note of what possibly causes the remote connect login error in your Minecraft game and follow the steps we give you so you never encounter the same remote connect login error again.

Solution 1: Enter a Sign-in Code

1.  Play and launch Minecraft on your gaming platform.

2.  Select the “Multiplayer access” on your Minecraft game home screen.

3.  A message will give you a remote play code and link that will allow you to authorize your Microsoft account.

4.  Write down the remote play code.

5.  Open your Microsoft account with a net browser on your PC.

6.  Open aka.ms/remoteconnect on your browser and enter the code you have noted down on your Minecraft multiplayer access.

7.  Read, confirm and agree with all terms and conditions to be allowed access to  Minecraft on your gaming platform without the remote connect error. 

Solution 2: Delete the Minecraft Saved and Corrupted Game Data

1.  Go to your Minecraft main menu, select ‘Settings’ on the home screen.

2.  Choose the ‘Data management’ option.

3.  Choose ‘Saved Data.’

4.  Select ‘Delete Saved Data.’

5.  Begin a new game from scratch. You may have lost all the progress you have made in your previous file, but at least you will not be bothered again by the remote connect error. 

Solution 3: Make a New Microsoft Account

Old, not updated Microsoft accounts that have existed before the Microsoft cross-play feature will most likely encounter the error.  Making a new Microsoft account erases the possibility of you running into the same error. 

1. Go to the Microsoft Account site on a web browser.

2. Select the ‘Create a Microsoft Account.’

3. Select the ‘Get a new email address.’

4. Follow other on-screen instructions that show up and you’ll be good to go

Solution 4: Visit the aka.ms/help Website to get Technical Support

1.  Visit the Microsoft Remote Assistance Support website on a web browser. 

2.  Click on ‘Get Support’ to send Microsoft a personalized account of your remote connect problem.

3.  Or you could join the forums by asking the community of Microsoft account users for a solution when they have encountered the same error. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need a Microsoft account to play Minecraft?

A: You can play Minecraft without a Microsoft account on a single player but playing multiplayer online will require that you create your Microsoft account. 

Q: Will I be able to add friends on Minecraft?

A: Yes, you will be able to. Click on the ‘Friends’ tab and then click ‘Add Friends.’ Enter the Gamertag of your friends to send them a friend request. 

Q: Can I play with friends using other platforms or consoles?

A: Yes, you may. Go to ‘Friends’ and select ‘Joinable Cross-Platform Friends’ so you can add them to play in your Minecraft Session. 

In Conclusion

The remote connect is an easy-to-fix problem. With the solutions we have given you, you will get to play Minecraft in no time.

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