aka.ms/remoteconnect Fix for Nintendo Switch 2021

Aka Login Nintendo Error

Can’t play Minecraft on your Nintendo Switch because of the aka.ms/remoteconnect Nintendo Switch screen notification? This login error can prove quite frustrating but fear not because these error codes are a temporary problem and can be easily fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

The aka.ms/remoteconnect screen message is a cross-play issue that appears when a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite user is unable to play Minecraft on their console. An ‘Automatic Sign-in’ error message greets the user every time they attempt to log in to their Minecraft account and will need to manually sign in again to gain access to their Microsoft account.

Why do People Face the aka.ms/remoteconnect Error on Nintendo Switch?

There are more than a few reasons why people are prompted with the aka.ms/remoteconnect sign-in error when trying to log in to their Minecraft account.

The problem is mainly because of switching from one gaming device to another. Users primarily switch from one device to the other because of convenience.

Minecraft is not a game without glitches, and corrupted game files in Minecraft saved games are also a reason people face the aka.ms/remoteconnect error.

Whatever the case may be with the user, the aka.ms/remoteconnect error is a real issue worth solving for you to enjoy Minecraft. Let us have a more in-depth discussion of these issues:

Device Change

You can play Minecraft on Xbox, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, or any other console if you have a Microsoft account because Microsoft has a cross-play feature that allows you to play the same Minecraft account on multiple gaming consoles. However, it seems like Microsoft’s cross-play configuration process needs some patchwork since users still experience the aka.ms/remoteconnect sign-in error now and then.

Corrupt Game Files

Like any other game, Minecraft game files can be corrupted and if you try to log in to Minecraft with corrupted game data files, then you will encounter the same remoteconnectNintendo Switch sign-in error.

Enabling Cross-Play for the First Time

Cross-play allows you to play Minecraft on non-Microsoft devices, but you will most likely encounter the aka.ms/remoteconnect error when enabling the cross-play feature for the first time.

How to Fix aka.ms/remoteconnect Nintendo Switch? A Step-by-Step Guide

There are three main ways that you can solve this loss of access to your Minecraft account on your Nintendo Switch.

A. Enter your Microsoft Sign-in Code

1. Launch Minecraft on your Nintendo Switch

2. Tap on “Multiplayer access.”

3. A prompt will appear with your aka.ms/remoteconnect enter code and a link to authorize your account.

4. Note down the code that appears on your multiplayer access on Minecraft.

5. Open your Microsoft account on a browser on your computer.

6. Open aka.ms/remoteconnect on your browser and enter the code you have noted down on your multiplayer access on Minecraft.

7. Confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions that follow to be able to play Minecraft on your Nintendo Switch without any sign-in or remote connect error.

B. Delete all Corrupt Minecraft Saved Game Files

1. Access Minecraft’s game menu and select ‘Settings’ on the game home screen.

2. Select ‘Data management’ on the following screen.

3. Select ‘Saved Data.’

4. Click ‘Delete Saved Data.’5. Start a new game file and you will no longer be bothered by this log-in error.

C. Create a New Microsoft Account

Old Microsoft accounts will most probably run into the aka.ms/remoteconnect error so making a completely new and updated Microsoft account will ensure you never run into it again.

1. Access the Microsoft Account site.

2. Click the ‘Create a Microsoft Account.

3. Choose the ‘Get a new email address.

4. Follow other on-screen instructions.

How to Setup Remote Connect on Nintendo Switch

  1. Nintendo Switch users will only be able to use remote play features on Minecraft if they have downloaded and installed Minecraft’s paid version from the Minecraft store.
  2. A Remoteconnect Nintendo Switch sign-in using your Microsoft account details should be easy upon buying the Minecraft Nintendo Switch paid version.  
  3. Visit the remote connect webpage through your Nintendo Switch to enable the remote connect features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I find and add friends using their Microsoft Accounts on Minecraft?

A: Yes, you may. Search your friends’ gamer tags and add them on the Friends tab.

Q: Will I be able to connect different versions of Minecraft with Cross-play?

A: No. Cross-playing is only possible when playing the same version of Minecraft.


The aka.ms/remoteconnect may be a common problem but it is thankfully an easily fixable one. With the right steps, you will be able to play your game without any obstacles.


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