Altschool Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Altschool mission statement is “a world in which all children reach their potential.” The company is best known for stimulating and accelerating the change towards an education system that is learner-based. The statement shows that this is what translates to learner potential. The following components make up this statement:

  1. Transforming education
  2. Improving lives

The approach used by this company based on this first component comprises the extensive application of learner-centric and flexible technology. The firm also equips the educators with the best approaches fit for the modern era, and this makes learning competency-based. The use of such approaches leads to students that are well-grounded and with adequately honed creativity to meet the demands of the contemporary society. These students become even more impactful in the communities.


Altschool is an education and technology firm that has gained attention and reverence for its learner-centered ideologies since 2016. Its mission and vision statement are an indication of the progressiveness of this company based on how they emphasize on transformations. Basically, a vision statement is a description of the desired future of a company, while a mission statement gives the means of achieving it.

In this case of Altschool, the vision statement focuses on streamlining and creating an education platform that values the future of the learners. On the other hand, the mission statement summarizes the impact Altschool wants to have on the learners. The core values of this institution also have a tremendous influence on the general developmental trend of Altschool.

Vision Statement

Altschool vision statement is “that soon, all students will fundamentally drive their own learning and make positive contributions in a dynamic world.” This vision brings control of educational approaches and content closer to the beneficiaries. The emphasis is on tailoring learning to the needs of the students and society and disseminating it in the most creative ways. It has the following features:

  1. Success foundation
  2. Impacting the world

Altschool recognizes that providing an education driven by the unique community understanding is a recipe for success. In fact, it paves the way for a co-designed approach that translates into a better world for everyone.

Core values

Altschool core values comprise “commitment, reliability, inclusiveness, and student engagement.” Though a commercial enterprise, Altschool often works in collaboration with other public institutions in the education sector. The company effectively maintains this balance through its core values that emphasize its unbending commitment to its purpose of transforming education through interactive and coordinated efforts with other institutions.


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