Ameris Bancorp Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Ameris Bancorp mission statement is “to be a major financial service provider through empowered employees creating a positive community impact and delivering a competitive shareholder return.” The company shows that it strives to do more than simply providing routine banking activities. This desire relates to the following aspects of this company:

  1. Distinguished services
  2. Improving communities

The availability of a wide range of banking services at Ameris Bancorp including SBA financing among others is an indication of how excellently this company meets the needs of its customers. Other than fulfilling these financial requirements, Ameris Bancorp creates an impact in the community by being part of social initiatives such as those that help to fight hunger. As a neighbor to more than 74 communities, Ameris Bancorp has demonstrated its passion for empowering people through giving back in numerous ways.


Ameris Bancorp is a financial holding corporation that provides all major banking services to its customers. The bank has particularly earned itself a reputation due to the ease of accessibility of its services and other financial products as emphasized by its mission and vision statements. A corporate vision statement is a description of the future of a business.

In this case, the vision statement of Ameris Bancorp is all about the exceptional banking experiences it offers its customers. On the other hand, a mission statement defines the operational activities of growing a firm. For Ameris Bancorp, the mission statement highlights the role of its workforce as well as its relation with the community in its developmental path. Just like it is in the banking industry, core values are crucial, and that explains the influence Ameris Bancorp enjoys from its core values and their contribution to its progress.

Vision Statement

Ameris Bancorp vision statement is “to be a high-performing community bank providing an exceptional customer experience with well trained, empowered employees.” The bank emphasizes on being different from others in the industry by doing more. The statement has the following components:

  1. Community bank
  2. Exceptional employees

As a community bank, Ameris Bancorp has been tailoring its services to reflect the needs of the locals since 1971. It also ensures that its workforce is adequately cultured and conversant with the norms of the people to offer the best services.

Core values

Ameris Bancorp core values comprise “character, service, and values.” These are the three primary values that act as a guide in this company. They indicate the need for the firm behaving in a professional approach while at the same time offering services needed by its clients.


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