Amgen Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Amgen mission statement is “to Serve Patients.” The succinctness of this mission statement is an indication of how serious this company is when it comes to doing anything within its mandate to give patients the best care. The statement relates to the following main components:

  1. Advancing science and technology
  2. Improving lives

To satisfy the first component in this mission statement, Amgen channels a significant proportion of its resources to innovations. The company believes in the power of coming up with new therapies to tackle even the most resistant conditions. In fact, its foundation has contributed to both the development of new medicines and the training of future researchers. All these efforts translate to better care for patients leading to improved quality of life.


Amgen is one of the few corporations that has taken the biopharmaceutical industry to new heights with its commitment to ‘biology first.’ It is no wonder the mission and vision statements of this company focus on alleviation of human suffering through science and technology. A corporate vision statement defines the future position of a company, while a corporate mission statement outlines the activities or strategies that would drive the firm towards its future.

In this case of Amgen, both the mission and vision statement emphasize on the leadership of this corporation. The mission statement also goes on to identify the key areas that it seeks to exploit to leave a mark in healthcare and the lives of patients. Since its early days, Amgen has been led by its core values, and that is why it runs its operations in a systematic approach.

Vision Statement

Despite the absence of an official vision statement, it is clear that Amgen is committed to ‘improving human health everywhere.’ The company is directly linked to the presence of groundbreaking medicines that treat serious illnesses. Amgen ensures that these products reach as many patients as possible, with its coverage being up to 100 counties. The exploitation of biotechnology to design proteins in its pursuit of what it calls “biotech medicines” has enabled it to conquer in this sector.

Core values

Amgen core values comprise “be science-based, compete intensely and win, create value, be ethical, trust and respect, teamwork and quality.” Designing and production of medicines is a very rigorous endeavor that only a company with the best culture can accomplish. Amgen has remained fruitful due to its persistence, respect, and collaboration that enables all its experts to pull efforts and combine ideas to create practical and effective medicines.


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