Applebee’s Senior Discount Requirements, Details, and Other Ways to Save

Applebee's senior discount

As a senior citizen, you have a limited income to spend each month. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to eat at your favorite restaurants once in a while. The good news is that many eateries in the US offer discounts for people aged 65 and older. These can range from small percentage discounts to big savings on a broad range of products and services. 

So, if you’re a fan of grilled food, Applebee’s has you covered. The American Neighborhood Grill + Bar restaurant chain is one of the best places for casual dining. But does the restaurant offer senior discounts? How to get a senior discount at Applebee’s? What is on the Applebee’s senior menu? Read on to learn everything about Applebee’s senior discounts and other ways to save. 

Does Applebee’s Have a Senior Discount in 2024?

Luckily, some Applebee’s outlets reportedly give a 10-15% discount for seniors aged 60 and above. But remember that the restaurant doesn’t have an across-the-board policy for the elderly. You’ll have to call ahead and inquire about Applebee’s senior menu or any age-specific offers. 

In addition to the senior discount, you can score some significant savings at the restaurant in other ways, such as daily specials, club offers, and discounted deals. This means big savings are guaranteed with or without a senior discount at Applebee’s. 

Keep reading to explore all the possible ways you can drive a bargain at the grill + bar.

Other Ways to Save at Applebee’s

Here are eight ways you can dine on a budget at Applebee’s:

1. Applebee’s Daily Specials

Applebee’s runs two special deals daily – Afternoon Happy Hour and Late-Night Special. 

Happy Hour offers a discount on adult beverages and 50% off on selected appetizers. This offer is valid between 3 PM and 6 PM at most locations.

On the other hand, Late-Night Special brings appetizers for half the price, and this takes effect from 9 PM onwards. 

2. $24 for 2 Menus

With this offer, you can get two full-size entrées and that too with an appetizer for just $24. You must choose from selected yet popular menu items to leverage this discount offer. 

Considering these items cost around $15 each when purchased separately, you can cut your cost considerably through this special menu. 

3. Applebee’s E-Club

Signing up for Applebee’s E-Club gives you a heads-up on exclusive deals, discounts, and other special offers. So, don’t miss out on this and get alerts on the specials right in your email inbox. 

And it doesn’t stop there! 

With every sign-up, members get introductory perks like a free appetizer, cashback on the next order, or a discount promo code. What’s more? You get a free dessert of your choice on your birthday!

4. Cheap Seasonal Drinks 

Who said you always have to pig out on steaks and chicken? Sometimes, a drink or two is all you need. 

Thankfully, you can find fun, unique drinks every season at Applebee’s at very reasonable prices. Talk about “The Tipsy Snowman” – the famous blue cocktail for just $5! Or “The Dollarita” – a special $1 drink every month. 

5. Website and Social Media Promotions

Applebee’s frequently puts out multiple promotions across different channels. The restaurant announces the most prominent ones through its official website and social media pages. So, it makes sense to quickly scan for the latest promotions before placing your next order. 

On top of that, Applebee’s announces contests on their social media pages. You can win an appetizer or a free drink for something as simple as tagging your three friends and sharing the post. 

6. Seasonal Gift Cards

You may also want to cash in and grab a bunch of seasonal gift cards to enjoy your food at low prices for the next few months. Plus, the eatery can reward you with gift cards for spending a certain amount. For instance, Applebee’s had an offer in the past where they used to give away two $10 gift cards for a $50 purchase. 

7. Kids Eat Free

Like senior discounts, there’s no standard policy for kid’s discounts. But, many locations have a free child entrée with an adult meal purchase. Others have a kid’s menu, day-specific deals, and more. So, reach out to your local outlet and check what they have in store for kids.

8. Discounted Gift Cards

There are a few reliable platforms (outside Applebee’s website) where you can buy gift cards at discounted prices. These gift cards are put on clearance as they near their expiry dates. If you visit Applebee’s frequently, these can come in quite handy. 

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

Here are some Applebee’s competitors that offer senior discounts:

Restaurant DiscountEligibility
Bob’s Big BoyUp to 15% offAged 60+
Boston Market10% offAged 65+
Carrabba’s Italian Grill10% offMust be on AARP 
El Pollo Loco10% offAged 60+
Golden Corral10% offAged 55+
Outback Steakhouse10% off (food + non-alcoholic beverages)Must be on AARP 
SizzlerDiscounted senior menuAged 60+
SaltGrass Steakhouse10% off (food + non-alcoholic beverages)Must be on AARP


Applebee’s offers a 10-15% discount to seniors aged 60+ at various locations. The eight money-saving practices explained above serve as icing on the cake. Look out for Applebee’s daily specials, $24 for 2 menus, free kid’s entrée, and seasonal drinks. Or you may want to sign up for E-Club to stay updated about the latest promotions. Other cost-saving strategies include purchasing seasonal gift cards and following the company website/social media pages.

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