Armani Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

Armani is a luxury fashion house founded in 1975 in Milan, Italy. It has more than 7 000 employees and billions of dollars in yearly revenue. The company sells its products under four names – Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, EA7, and Armani Exchange. 

Armani doesn’t have an official corporate mission and vision statement. However, based on the information provided on the website, Armani’s mission and vision statements center around fashion that meets people’s needs while protecting the common goods. Armani core values are integrity, trust, team spirit, transparency, responsibility, policies, diversity, and environmental protection. Let’s analyze these further. 

Armani Mission Statement

Armani mission statement is “to continually create clothes and accessories that aspire to a kind of perfection that transcends fashion.

According to their website, “Fashion can contribute to the current renewal underway by realigning itself to meet people’s actual needs, while protecting and in full respect of the common good – namely, the social fabric and the environment.” This means that Armani aims to continue making high-quality, high-end, luxury fashion products with respect to the environment. Let’s see what exactly this means. 

  • Responsible Management of the Supply Chain

Armani aims to make the supply chain more responsible when it comes to the impact it leaves on the environment and society. The company plans to do this by focusing on respect for people’s rights and sustainability. 

  • Environmental Protection & Efficient Use of Resources

Armani strives towards reducing the environmental impact through sustainable sourcing, climate change and energy efficiency awareness, biodiversity protection, ocean protection, water resource management, and eco-design. 

  • Staff Wellness and the Development of Talent

The company wants to help its employees grow, both personally and professionally. This is to be done by promoting health, safety, and well-being at the workplace, talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, as well as implementing training and development. 

  • Attention to the Customer

Armani is focused on not only providing customers with high-quality products but also with top-notch services. Management of information and privacy fall within this pillar, along with product safety. 

  • Community Support & Involvement

Armani strives to create value for local communities by implementing innovative business models. 

Armani Vision Statement

Armani vision statement is “to dominate the world of fashion in the long run.” This statement shows Armani dedication to its craft as the company seeks to be the leader of fashion worldwide. They believe that by continually innovating and pushing the boundaries of fashion, they can create something truly special and make a mark in the world.

Armani Core Values

Armani implements eight core values in all the areas of its business and across all levels of the company. These values lead Armani activities and choices. 

  • Responsibility Towards the Community

Employees of Armani have a responsibility to the society they serve. They should communicate with stakeholders and keep them updated about their best interests. Armani also complies with international law and standards when it comes to the protection of rights, children, and trade unions, as well as discrimination, prohibition of forced labor, and hours and pay. 

  • Integrity, Transparency & Sharing

Armani employees are expected to comply with the company’s moral and ethical standards. All the activities within the company should be transparent and fair. Workers should be loyal, respectful towards others, and open to sharing knowledge and information with others. 

  • Protection & Enhancement of Diversity

Giorgio Armani prohibits any type of discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, skin color, language, religion, marital status, and appearance, among else. The company also opposes any type of privilege based on these reasons. 

  • Transparency & Completeness of Information

Employees are expected to carry out the company’s activities with transparency and completeness of the information. 

  • Policies In the Interest of the Staff

Armani employs policies that are favorable for the workers. This value is to provide a safe, respectful, and caring work environment that is compliant with the law and where everyone is treated with dignity. 

  • Team Spirit 

Teamwork is especially valued at Armani. Employees are expected to work as a team, learn from each other, and help each other whenever possible or needed. 

  • Trust

Armani’s policy is to “establish effective business relations only if there is profound trust between the parties.” 

  • Protection & Conservation of the Environment

Environmental protection and conservation are key values at Armani. The company complies with the laws of the matter, and its activities are done by complying with the highest standards of safety and compatibility. 


Armani is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. The company’s mission and vision statement focus on providing the highest quality products with less environmental impact, providing amazing services to its customers, and supporting the communities in which it operates. The company is guided by eight core values which are designed to benefit everyone – from employees to stakeholders to the customers.

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