AT&T Senior Discount Requirements and Details

AT&T senior discount

AT&T’s mission statement is “to exploit technical innovations for the benefit of AT&T and its customers by implementing next-generation technologies and network advancements in AT&T’s services and operations.”

AT&T Inc. is a multinational conglomerate holding company that is based in America and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is considered to be the biggest telecommunications company on the planet. This company started as the American District Telegraph Company, which was established in the year 1878 in St. Louis. The company had been rebranded in the year 1994 as AT&T Corp.

The main objective of the company is to become the most valuable and the most admired organization on the planet. They intend to improve the personal lives of their customers and make their businesses successful by introducing exciting and beneficial communications services.

Why Should You Ask for AT&T Senior Discount?

Seniors usually think twice before spending due to limited income. This is why many telecom companies offer senior discounts to help seniors stay connected with their loved ones.

AT&T happens to be a major US carrier that provides discounted plans in case the age of the subscriber is more than 65 years. Most of the network providers offer a discounted version of the standard unlimited plan of their company, and AT&T is no exception to that.

With senior discount plans, AT&T helps seniors to save some cash on their monthly phone bills. Senior citizens who have subscribed to this company will also be able to receive a lucrative discount of 10% on any of the plans of the carrier using their AARP membership.

How To Get AT&T Senior Discount?

The good thing about AT&T is that they provide an extensive range of plans which are ideal for senior citizens. This will help the elderly people to remain connected with their near and dear ones, particularly if they are living alone.

Once you visit the website of AT&T, you will find information on different types of smartphones, flip phones, as well as various service plans. You will come across unlimited plans, commencing at $35 per line per month, featuring standard definition streaming, 5G access, as well as unlimited text, data, and talk.

As mentioned, AT&T does provide plans for seniors; however, one cannot purchase these plans online. It will be imperative to visit the AT&T outlet personally and get hold of the offer after presenting your age proof. After making the purchase, you will come across comprehensive instructions on the support page of the website which will help to activate your plan. Apart from this, AT&T also comes with a toll-free number for providing wireless support.

Here, we have mentioned the various plans of AT&T that are intended for seniors.

  • AT&T Senior Nation – $29.99 per line per month
  • AT&T Unlimited 55+ – $40 (for two lines) per month
  • AT&T Unlimited Starter – $35 (once you get 4 lines)
  • AT&T Mobile Share Plus 9GB – $45 – $70 per line per month

Let us see the benefits of AT&T Senior Discount:

  • Plans will be starting from $29.99 every month – Beginning at only $29.99 every month, AT&T is definitely amongst the most inexpensive wireless providers for the seniors.
  • Discounts for multiple lines – Almost every cellular plan of AT&T is available at discounted rates.
  • Discounts for AARP members – It will be possible for an AARP member to get $10 off their bills per month while signing up for the Unlimited Elite plan of AT&T.
  • No data throttling – As compared to most of the other similar providers out there, AT&T will not slow data speeds after fulfilling usage thresholds.

Other Ways You Can Save With AT&T

  • AT&T discount – Submit your school, work, or company email address for finding out whether you will be able to receive discounts and exclusive offers on AT&T wireless products. After the validation of your email address, an email will be sent to you regarding how to begin receiving the benefits.
  • AT&T Customer Satisfaction Survey – Check out the company’s official website to know whether they are conducting the survey now. That’s a perfect opportunity to share your honest feedback and benefit from their amazing deals instead.
  • AT&T Signature Program – This will enable some customers to take advantage of special wireless discounts. The program will help the customers to save $10 every line, every month on AT&T Unlimited Elite.
  • AT&T Appreciation offers – AT&T provides lucrative deals for doctors, teachers, nurses, veterans, and military service members on unlimited wireless plans. This will offer a discount of 25% on the latest unlimited plans.
  • AT&T student discount – It will be possible for students to receive discounts on AT&T wireless services and phones by validating their email addresses on the official website of the company. In case one does not have a school or work email, they can take the student ID to an AT&T outlet for finding out whether he is entitled to the AT&T Signature Program.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular emphasizes inexpensive cell phone plans. In case you are more than 50 years of age, you will be able to receive a discount of 5% on your cell phone bill.

Verizon Wireless

This company provides the most dependable coverage across the US. In case you and your partner are more than 55 years of age and residing in Florida, you will be able to get a lucrative discount.

TracFone Wireless

This company provides prepaid mobile phone plans which come at inexpensive rates. It provides cell phone plans for the seniors as well.


What is AT&T’s senior discount age?

The senior discount age at AT&T is 65 years or more than that.

Is there a senior discount day at AT&T?

No, there is no senior discount day at AT&T as such.

Does AT&T accept AARP?

Yes, AT&T is known to accept AARP. You simply have to visit an AT&T outlet and mention the AARP benefit code for signing in.


AT&T’s competitors often come up with new offers to attract more customers. However, AT&T happens to be the best cellular solution intended for seniors in North America. Although the plans of this company are somewhat expensive, its senior discount plans are nevertheless cheaper than the senior discount plans of most of its competitors.

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