AutoZone Return Policy (All Your Questions Answered)

AutoZone Return Policy (All Your Questions Answered)

If you’re looking to return an AutoZone purchase, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll answer all of your questions about AutoZone return policy, including how to return items and what products are non-returnable. Plus, we’ll provide tips on how to make a return without a receipt. Let’s get started!

What Is AutoZone Return Policy?

AutoZone mission statement is “To put the customer first and provide car repair and maintenance advice that is trustworthy.” The company has a pretty standard return policy for most items, meaning that you can return an item you are not satisfied with within 90 days of the purchase date. If you do not have a receipt, AutoZone will still accept your return. However, the item should in its original condition. Alternatively, they have a right to reject your refund. Additionally, some products are not eligible for a return, including gift cards and customized products.

AutoZone Return Policy
Return Period90 Days
Return Method1. In-store2. Online
Contact Number800-288-6966
Official WebsiteAutoZone

To learn about how to return an item to AutoZone and what are the limitations, keep on reading!

Are AutoZone Returns Free?

All in-store returns are free. Online returns are free only if you have received a defective item. You will also have to pay return shipping fees if it was not AutoZone’s fault.

How to Return AutoZone Purchases?

You can return your AutoZone purchases either in-store or by mail.

In-Store Return

To return an item in-store, bring the item(s) you wish to return, along with your receipt and in original packaging, to your nearest AutoZone location. Also, you will need to show a government-issued ID, so make sure to bring that with you as well. Government-issued IDs that the company accepts include:

  • US State ID
  • A passport
  • US Military ID
  • A US/Canadian driver’s license
  • Mexican Voter Registration Card
  • Canadian Province ID
  • US Laser Visa

Please note that having your ID is a must! You are not able to make a return without it.

Mail-In Return

To return an AutoZone purchase by mail, fill out the form on the shipping invoice and include it with your return. Keep in mind that the company will only cover delivery fees if you received a defective item. In that case, don’t forget to include the shipping label that the carrier prints out that shows how much you paid for shipping.

When packaging an item for return, make sure it is properly cushioned to prevent any damage that may occur during transit. We also recommend that you insure your return shipment in case something happens to it while it’s in transit.

Can You Return an Item to AutoZone Without a Receipt?

Yes, AutoZone will accept your return without a receipt. However, the item should in its original condition. You will likely be asked to get in touch with their customer support at 800-288-6966 to find out your transaction information and other details needed. The representative will provide all the information you need to complete the return process.

What Are AutoZone’s Return Restrictions?

There are some items that you cannot return to AutoZone. The examples are as follows:

  1. Gift cards. Most retailers do not accept returns on gift cards, and AutoZone is no different.
  2. Customized products. This includes special order items, engraving services, etc. There is a miserable chance that someone else will buy it from the store, so they do not accept returns on these products.
  3. “Final Sale” items. These are items that are marked as “no returns” or “final sale” at the time of purchase. This means that that is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy the product for this price.

To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that you check with a store associate before making a purchase to see if the item is returnable.

Products that have been installed or used are also not eligible for a return, so make sure that you’re happy with your purchase before you install or use it.

What Is AutoZone Exchange Policy?

AutoZone’s exchange policy is the same as its return policy. You have 90 days from the date of purchase to exchange an item. If you do not have a receipt, AutoZone will still accept your return. Also, make sure the item is eligible for return before making your purchase.

Do You Need to Follow a Different Procedure to Return a Core?

No, the process for returning a core is the same as returning any other item to AutoZone.

How to Check Your Order Status?

If you placed your order online, you can call their customer support at 800-288-6966 to check on the status of your order. You will need your order number and billing zip code handy.


Now you know everything there is to know about AutoZone return policy. So, if you need to make a return, exchange, or simply have some questions, you know where to go and who to ask.

The company makes it easy to return an item, whether you do it in-store or by mail. Just make sure that you have your receipt and that the item is in its original condition, and you should be all set.

We hope this article was helpful and informative. Thank you for reading!

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