Avaya Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Avaya mission statement is “to be a transformative force in digital communications software, services, and devices, designed for businesses of all sizes. Through our open, converged, and innovative solutions, Avaya is taking intelligent experiences to new heights for our customers, partners, and their customers—in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid.”   Based on this statement, communication is the primary weapon that Avaya uses. It centers all its activities around it to impact on different aspects of life. The statement has these components.

  1. Transforming communications
  2. Improve lives

Technically, Avaya is all about communications and the various ways it applies its platforms to offer its clients the best experiences. For instance, it zeroes on contact centers, unified communications, and communication cloud. The activities that it runs within these areas have diverse yet positive impacts on businesses and the lives of people that it interacts with.


In the business communication industry, Avaya is the to-go-for company for all related needs and solutions. The mission and vision statements of this firm emphasize the leadership that Avaya gifts the sector based on its transformative nature. Ideally, a corporate vision statement is defined as an indication of the future of a company. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement is taken as the specific strategies that drive the expected growth within a firm.

In this case of Avaya, the vision statement of the company stresses on the development that the company can induce in the communication sector. Closely related is the mission statement that identifies the key areas where its presence is best felt within this industry. In addition, Avaya benefits from the influence of its core values to maintain its rapid growth as seen since it first came into operation in 2000.

Vision Statement

Avaya vision statement is “to elevate communications to the next generation of engagement, connecting organizations to their customers, workforce, and communities with secure, intelligent experiences that matter.” This statement has the following components:

  1. Improving connectivity
  2. Boosting experiences

To satisfy the first component, Avaya exploits technology and promotes innovation among its workforce to give the best. By doing this, it leads to transformative technological products that make the experiences of everyone it interacts with memorable.

Core Values

Avaya core values comprise “inclusion, simplicity, accountability, empowerment, trust, and teamwork.”

These are the principles that guide everyone and all operations within this company. This shows why Avaya has such a strong internal culture, that in turn, translates to meaningful and customer or business-specific experiences.


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