B&G (Bloch and Guggenheimer Foods) Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

B&G Foods mission statement is that “we’re committed to acquiring and investing in established food brands and making them more relevant for our customers and consumers. Our growth strategy ensures that we change from one day to the next, always improving, but one thing remains constant: delicious food from our family to yours.” The statement has the following components:

  1. Distinguished products
  2. Improving health

To satisfy the first component, B&G Foods ensures that it only absorbs brands that have been tested and approved to have met the food safety standards in the U.S. By doing so, it filters the poor quality ones to bring its customers the very best, and this also contributes to the fulfilment of the second component. The result of such diligence is better health for its customers because of the inseparable link between foods and health outcomes.


As a top holding company, B&G Foods is known for changing the business profile of major branded foods that it takes over. Even its mission and vision statements are all about the difference and the prominence that B&G Foods adds to established foods. Ever since 1889, the mission and vision statements of this company have remained in line with the book definition of the two corporate terms.

For instance, just as expected, B&G (Bloch and Guggenheimer Foods) foods vision statement alludes to the future the company wants, while its mission statement highlights the marketing and branding strategies it employs to make the best foods available and accessible by its customers. The success of the approaches used by this company has been promoted by the strong core values it enforces. With these and its mission and vision statements, B&G Foods gradually keeps growing into a major player in this industry.

Vision Statement

B&G vision statement is “we make food safety our number one priority. We are committed to providing great-tasting, high-quality and safe foods to you and your family.” This statement has the outlined components:

  1. Food safety
  2. Provide high-quality and safe foods

The first priority of B&G (Bloch and Guggenheimer Foods) foods is to be known for its uncompromising commitment to safety standards. This is because they form the foundation of high-quality and risk-free foods to consumers.

Core Values

B&G core values comprise “passion, food safety & quality, integrity& accountability, collaboration, customer & consumer focus, safety & health at work, and empowerment.” The values of this company clearly show that B&G is more than a profit-making company. Instead, this is an enterprise whose focus is on wholesome growth, including that of its customers and the environment.


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