Blizzard Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Blizzard mission statement is “dedicated to creating the most epic entertainment experiences…ever.” The statement indicates that Blizzard values quality and customer satisfaction. The statement has the following components:

  1. Distinguished products
  2. Entertaining the world

The main products that Blizzard designs fall within the video games category. Unlike its competitors, Blizzard focusses on key aspects that make its products stand out. They include quality of design, enjoyability and relevance. The company appreciates the need for video games that clients can interact and relate with. Such features have made its creations such as the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo highly demanded. Blizzard is a company with a rich journey towards success, after being a third-party developer of entertainment software for years. Today, its brand has gained global recognition as one of the most vibrant, and with a global audience.


Blizzard is a premier entertainment and game developer corporation headquartered in Irvine, United States. The company has gained global attention due to its interactive and highly-enjoyable video games just as it promises with its mission and vision statements. Since 1991 when it first started operations, Blizzard established itself as a leader in the design of computer games. Its success flows from well-defined corporate statements and core values to guide it.

A corporate vision statement gives a company a future ambition, while a corporate mission statement explores the strategies of propelling the growth of a company. In this case analysis of Blizzard, the vision statement focusses on establishing standards. Comparatively, the mission statement looks at the experiences that the company leaves in the lives of its clients. The incorporation of specific core values related to computer games gives Blizzard an advantage over its competitors. They increase its pace of growth and achievement of mission and vision.

Vision Statement

Although Blizzard has not published its vision statement, the company maintains its focus on being a premier designer of unparallel video games. The company stays updated with the changes in technology to ensure that the latest platforms sufficiently support its products.

The various awards and recognition are proof that Blizzard is on track to achieve its vision.

Core Values

Blizzard core values include “gameplay first, commitment to quality, play nice; play fair, embracing inner geek, respecting everyone, thinking globally, leading responsibly and learn and grow.” These are the eight beliefs and principles that make Blizzard the company it is today. They do this by guiding everyday actions and operations at Blizzard.


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