Buckle Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Buckle mission statement is “to create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests.” The customer emerges in this statement as the most important factor of concern for Buckle. The company, therefore, directs its efforts to meet their needs satisfactorily. The statement has these components:

  1. Enjoyable shopping experience
  2. Improving communities

Everything that Buckle does targets to meet the expectations of the first component. They include the strategic location of its outlets, the refined online shopping experience with on-demand shipping options, and a variety of high-quality jeans products that come with amazing discounts. Other than this, Buckle has been actively involved in community empowerment as part of its corporate social responsibility.


The mission and vision statements of Buckle Corporation are a reflection of what this company is all about. Their emphasis on treating customers right wherever they are has transformed Buckle into a global entity. A corporate vision statement is defined as a description of the future position of a company. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement represents the managerial strategies of propelling the business towards the set future.

In this case of Buckle, the vision statement focuses on making the company the leader in jeans business, while the mission statement stresses on the impact it has on the shopping experience of its customers. In addition, the core values of this company have been critical in its operations since David Hirschfeld started the firm in 1948. With these and the mission and vision statement, Buckle has recorded a steady growth to date.

Vision Statement

Buckle Corporation has not yet set an official vision statement. The company, however, shows that it believes in creating a wholesome future where customers not only enjoy shopping but do so in an informed approach.

The company directs its efforts in four critical areas with an impact on its future reputation. These comprise how it relates to the community, its impact on the environment, how it contributes to the education of the youths, and transparency while offering its products to the consumers.

Core Values

Buckle core values include “collaboration, respect, inclusivity, and transparency.” At the workplace, the management acknowledges the importance of creating a healthy working environment which translates to constructive relationships among its customers.

With these values, Buckle got it right considering the vibrancy that characterizes its stores, and this leads to better interaction between the workers and the customers. In this way, these values directly contribute to the achievement of the vision and mission statement which is making Buckle the best place to shop.


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