Does Cabela’s Price Match? Define The Steps Of Getting The Price Match At Cabela’s

If you are fond of fishing, hunting or any outdoor activities, then you must choose the best accessories. Cabela’s is a popular store offering all these products at the best price. It promises to provide its customers with the best rates, but in case the customer comes across another website or store that offers the same product at a lower rate, then the company also has the price match and price adjustment policy. It pays out for the difference amount, and for the members of the store, it also goes beyond the limit of the price difference and pays 5% more. Isn’t it amazing? So, as a customer, you get a guarantee of the best price for the products that you purchase. However, there are certain qualifying parameters that one must adhere to for the best rates. If the question is “Will Cabela’s price match the lowest ones?”, then you must read ahead.

Cabela’s Price Match Policy

You would be glad to know that your very own Cabela’s store and its sister page Bass Pro Shop offer the best price match policy. You can simply compare the price of the product you have purchased, and if you find the same product at a lower price on the qualifying website or store, you can claim for the lower price. Cabela’s will compare the pricing, and after successful verification, it will give you back the extra amount that you paid for a particular product. In addition, for their active club members, the store adds an extra 5% discount. One of the common questions that pop up here is whether Cabela’s does price match for products on Amazon. So, the answer is yes.

How does Cabela’s price match policy work

Cabelas does the price match in-store and online. So, let’s understand the following in detail.

  • In-Store price match: If you come across the same product being sold at a lower price at a competitive store that is within 100 miles of Cabela’s store and Bass Pro Shop, you can ask for a price match. 
  • Online: Cabela’s also does the price match with the qualifying websites if you find a product at a lower price on the approved website. The approved list of Cabela’s online competitors includes (but is not limited to) Amazon, Brownells, REI, Dicks Sporting Goods, Midway USA, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and many more. Please check the Cabela website for the complete list.

Terms & Conditions of Cabela’s Price Match

If you want to apply for Cabela’s price match, then you must be aware of the terms and conditions of the same. We have highlighted these terms and conditions in detail below:

  • The product must be available at Cabela’s or on their website.
  • The product must be of the same brand, model, color, and other specifications.
  • The company has the right to limit the quantity.
  • Military discount is not an application.
  • It is not applicable to services.
  • The local store must be within the range of 100 miles of Cabela’s store or Bass Pro Shop.
  • If the product is from a third-party vendor that is working within a Cabela’s store, then this policy is not applicable.
  • They will consider Cabela’s Catalog and Internet prices.

These are some of the key terms and conditions of Cabela’s price match policy. You must run through it and also acquaint yourself with the exceptions to the policy. The following segment highlights the same. 

Exceptions to the Cabela’s Price Match Policy:

  • The policy is not applicable on products on flash sales or hot buys.
  • It is not applicable in case of special offers, rebates, free items or free gifts, bundled offers, clearance sales, wholesale or liquidation sales.
  • Loyalty program offers are also exempted.
  • Global promotions on qualifying websites also do not fall in the category of the price match.
  • In case of misprinting, Cabela’s price match policy does not apply.
  • Additionally, if you want to know the answer to the question “Does Cabela’s price match guns?”; contact their customer care.

Cabela’s will not do a price match if the pricing is from unauthorized sellers, wholesale distributors, or membership clubs.

The policy is applicable to products and not services. Only Canadian customers can apply for this.

How to Get Cabela’s Price Match?

Let’s understand the process of Cabela’s Price Match. The process is pretty simple; we will be discussing the same under two segments: in-store and through the website.

Cabela’s Price Match In-store

  • Identify the product – The first step is to identify the product. And secondly, it should be available with the store or the website. Make sure that you cross-check the product, and it should match all the aspects like size, model, conditions, features, etc. We have discussed the same before. 
  • Point out the difference – Once you have the product with you, you have to present proof that the similar product is available at a lower price on a website or in a store. The store will verify the details, and they have the same product with them, then they will sell you the product at a lower price. Also, if you are a Club Member, then they will slash the price by 5%.

Cabela’s Price Match Online

You can also claim price matches online. The following steps take you through this:

  1. Identifying the product – You must check the product on the website, and if you find the same product on the qualifying website at a lower price, then you can go ahead with the price match claim. You must check if the product is available with Cabela’s. Also, it should be the same product in terms of model, brand, size, and color. 
  2. Compare the price – You can call Cabelas or chat live to know about the price match. Cabela’s representative will do the price match and will cross-verify the availability. If all the steps are completed successfully, then they will offer the product at a lower price. Also, if you are a Club member, you will get an additional 5% off on the price. 


Now you must be aware of how keen the company is to offer excellent quality products at the lowest prices. Make sure that you don’t miss the chance to get the best rate for your chosen product. In a rare scenario, if you spot a product at a lower price, you can benefit from Cabela’s price match policy.

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