Can You Come Back to Amazon After Leaving? (Amazon Rehire Policy Explained)

Can You Come Back to Amazon After Leaving

If you’re a former Amazon employee, you may be wondering if you can come back. What is the rehire policy at Amazon? Can former employees reapply? We’ll answer all of those questions and more in this article. Keep reading to learn more about how the rehiring process works at Amazon and who is eligible.

What Is Amazon Rehire Policy?

Amazon has a very generous rehire policy, and they are often willing to bring employees back after they have left. Amazon policy states that former employees who resigned are usually eligible to reapply, as long there are no write-ups or misconduct in their employment history. 

However, workers who were terminated may not always be allowed to reapply. Additionally, they do not qualify to reapply to Amazon if they have received severance pay after they were terminated.

Does Amazon Rehire Employees Who Have Quitted Without Notice?

If an employee quits Amazon without giving prior notice, they may not be allowed to reapply for a position in the future. The company typically regards this as a red flag when someone quits without notice. This is because it can be disruptive to the team and may cause projects to be delayed.

Additionally, management has the right to request a penalty fee, and the resignation will go on their employment record as a negative point.

Therefore, Amazon staff who quit without notice and reapply should know that they might not be given a second chance to return. Therefore, if you’re an Amazon employee thinking of quitting, it’s best to give notice first in case you want to come back later.

Does Amazon Rehire Formerly Fired Employees?

Generally, an employee who was fired from Amazon but wishes to return to the company can reapply one year after being terminated. However, their ability to return will depend largely on their employment history and the reason why they were initially fired.

For example, employees who were fired due to employee cutbacks, attendance issues, minor infractions, or misunderstandings will usually be able to reapply without much questioning about their previous firing.

However, if you have been dishonest or insubordinate in the past, it may be more difficult to reapply to Amazon.

Therefore, if you were previously employed by Amazon and were terminated, take into account your chances of being accepted back as an employee before applying again.

Does Amazon Rehire Employees Who Received Severance Pay?

Amazon gives its employees a choice when taking action to terminate them: either accept a direct termination with a severance package or take a performance improvement course aimed at bettering their work ethic.

If the employee opts for the severance pay, they are ending their employment with Amazon for good and cannot reapply to work for the company again.

However, if an employee was fired without being offered a severance package, they may be allowed to reapply depending on the reasons for their dismissal.

How Long Should I Wait before Reapplying to Amazon?

The waiting period for former Amazon employees to reapply will differ depending on the circumstances of their departure.

According to Amazon standards, if an employee quits without any issues on their record, they may reapply for a job after 90 days have passed.

However, former employees who were let go from their position are required to wait a minimum of one year before reapplying. Depending on the reason for termination, submitting an application may not guarantee being hired again. 

Note that some Amazon employees who were terminated were able to reapply for their position within 90 days, which is a limit given to those who quit their jobs voluntarily.

Given this, it is recommended that former Amazon employees reach out to their previous place of work to confirm how long they must wait before reapplying. Some Amazon facilities may be more lenient with the policy than others.

Does Every Amazon Store Have the Same Rehire Policy?

While Amazon claims that former employees can reapply for positions within a set time period, many current and ex-employees state that this policy is not always followed.

For instance, one former employee stated that seven months after quitting their job, they attempted to apply again at Amazon but were told by their local Amazon facility that their application was ineligible.

On the other hand, an employee who was recently fired from their position at an Amazon center was told that they would only have to wait the standard 90 days for subordinates rather than the longer, one-year-long waiting period for terminated employees.

So, it’s safe to say that some Amazon facilities have different policies on rehiring former employees. As a result, the decision to rehire a former employee usually falls to the manager’s discretion or, if relevant, special circumstances involving the former employee.

Does Amazon Fire Insubordinate Employees Right Away?

Amazon has very particular rules about why an employee may be terminated, yet those who are in the process of being fired are almost always given a choice beforehand.

Amazon offers their employees a chance to take a work performance course that would improve various aspects of their job within the company. If they choose not to take the course, they will be terminated and receive severance pay.

Therefore, Amazon has a lenient policy when it comes to firing their staff members and will often give them several chances before terminating their employment. So in most cases, if you’re insubordinate at Amazon, you won’t be fired right away.

Amazon Rehire Policy Reviews

If you want to find out more about Amazon’s, rehire policy and what former employees have to say about it, check out some reviews here. You will find reviews from both those who were able to reapply and get hired again, as well as those who weren’t.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Amazon rehire policy is lenient and gives former employees several chances to reapply for their old job or a new one. However, every Amazon facility only sometimes follows this policy, and the decision to rehire a former employee is usually left up to the manager’s discretion. 

So, if you’re a former Amazon employee, it’s best to reach out to your local facility to confirm their policy on rehiring.

Hopefully, this blog post helped you learn a bit more about Amazon’s rehire policy and what to expect if you’re considering reapplying for a job there. Thank you for reading! 

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