Can You Return Paint to Home Depot? (Return Policy Explained)

Can You Return Paint to Home Depot

Choosing the right paint for a project can be tricky. It’s important to make sure you get exactly the color and finish you want, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way. If that happens, don’t worry – Home Depot has your back! Home Depot does allow customers to return paint. In this blog post, we’ll break down Hope Depot’s paint return policy so you know what to expect.

What Is the Home Depot Paint Return Policy?

If you suddenly realize your fresh coat of paint isn’t quite the color you wanted, Home Depot will make it right. Home Depot’s Paint Return Policy allows you to return paint within 30 days of purchase. Provided you have the receipt, Home Depot will either correct your can of paint or exchange it for a comparable one. 

What Paints Can You Return To Home Depot?

Home Depot allows you to return any interior or exterior liquid paint that you have bought within 30 days of your purchase. This includes most Home Depot brands, such as Behr and Glidden. 

However, you won’t be able to return primers, stains, and other specialty paints, since Home Depot considers them to be custom products. Plus, Home Depot won’t accept returns on paint that is mixed specifically for a customer’s project since they can’t resell it to other customers.

Do You Need a Receipt to Return Paint to Home Depot?

It is required to provide a receipt when returning paint to Home Depot. Since it’s considered proof of purchase, Home Depot needs it to process returns.

However, if you don’t have a receipt, Home Depot may still be able to process your request. If you purchase paint using a debit/credit card, a check, or a Consumer Credit Card, Home Depot will be able to locate it in their system and process the return. However, if you paid in cash, you will need to have a receipt on you.

Does Home Depot Refund or Exchange Returned Paint?

There is no mention of Home Depot offering refunds for paint returns, only exchanges or adjustments. So, even if you return your paint with a receipt, chances are Home Depot won’t give you cash back. 

In some cases, you can receive store credit for your Home Depot paint return. That is usually the case if there’s been a mistake on the store’s end, such as incorrect color or finish. In most cases, however, Home Depot will adjust the paint to ensure it meets your desired color or finish or exchange it for a comparable product. 

Can You Return Unused Paint to Home Depot?

You can indeed return unused paint to Home Depot. Provided it’s unopened, Home Depot will accept the paint as a return. Since they will be able to resell the product, it’s all good.

However, Home Depot reserves the right to refuse returns on any used or damaged materials, so make sure you handle the paint with care while transporting it back to Home Depot. 

Can You Return Opened Paint to Home Depot?

If you’ve already opened the can of paint, Home Depot won’t accept it as a return. So, make sure you double-check all the labels and colors before you open the can. Home Depot may accept opened paint as an exchange or offer to adjust it, but that’s subject to availability and Home Depot’s discretion. 

Can You Return Mixed Paint to Home Depot?

Generally, the answer is no. For example, if you buy a few cans of Home Depot paints and mix them on your own, Home Depot won’t accept the return. Home Depot only accepts returns for paint that has been wrongly mixed during the purchase process. 

If that’s the case, Home Depot can readjust or correct the paint to give you the color that you want. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring any remaining paint back with you, as they may be able to use it if they can’t get the exact color you wanted. Provided there’s no more than 70% of the paint missing, Home Depot will process your request. 

Can You Return Tinted Paint to Home Depot?

It is possible to return a tinted paint can to Home Depot. 

If you’re unsatisfied with the shade or it’s not the exact color you asked for, Home Depot will try to correct it. However, you won’t be able to get a refund since it’s a custom product that Home Depot can’t resell. 

What Paint Brands Can You Return to Home Depot?

Home Depot accepts returns exclusively for Home Depot’s paint brands which include Behr, Glidden, Rust-Oleum, and PPG. Other paint brands can only be returned to the store where you bought them. 

How to Return Paint to Home Depot?

If you need to return paint to Home Depot, make sure to visit the original Home Depot store where you purchased the paint and take your receipt as proof of purchase. 

Once there, Home Depot’s staff will go through their system, assess your return and decide whether they can offer a correction, exchange, or store credit. 


If you’re not satisfied with Home Depot paint, you may be able to return it within 30 days of your purchase. Although you won’t be able to get a refund, Home Depot may offer an exchange, adjustment, or store credit. To ensure Home Depot processes your return, bring the original receipt and any remaining paint with you. Happy Home Decorating! 

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