Carbonite Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Carbonite mission statement is “to provide the peace of mind that comes with protecting your digital life. Our cloud solutions make data durable.” This statement indicates that Carbonate recognizes the vulnerability of data in the modern era. It, therefore, takes this opportunity to shield its customers from such eventualities through its services. These components make up this statement by Carbonite.

  1. Distinguished services
  2. Improve lives

The services offered by Carbonite are unique and tailored to the contemporary needs of its customers. For instance, the carbonite Safe® product is an ideal way for individuals and businesses to secure the digital safety of their files. It is a service that protects virtual, physical and legacy systems of a company through an integrated platform. The presence of such protective mechanisms keeps the Carbonite clients confident while running their activities, and this directly translates to better and stress-free lives.


The mission and vision statements of Carbonite Corporation shows how much this company values its customers through the data protection and back up services it offers. The rise of this firm, in the year 2006, was timely considering the modern data era where companies and individuals are in high demand for secure backup services. Ideally, a corporate vision statement defines the future state of a company. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement identifies the strategies that would make the company realize that future.

For Carbonite, both its mission and vision statements are all about giving its clients the best digital experiences with its services. In addition, Carbonite has drastically grown into a highly credible entity due to its core values that prioritize on its customers rather than the growth of the firm. With these, this company has risen into a major player in the digital space industry.

Vision Statement

Carbonite vision statement has not been published in its website so far. All its activities, however, depict this company as a “one-stop-shop for data protection needs of every kind.”

The management at Carbonite has implemented numerous strategies, including the acquisition of Evault to strengthen the capacity of this company. Today, Carbonite prides to be a reliable online backup and data protection corporation.

Core Values

Carbonite core values comprise “power, simplicity, value and security.” The company states that these are the primary pillars it operates on. They have particularly been critical in ensuring that it meets the needs of all its customers, both simple and complex in the best way. The ability of Carbonite to balance offering better services at affordable rates is also consistent with these values.


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