Cardinal Health Mission Statement Analysis

The Cardinal Health organization was founded in the year 1971 by Robert D. Walter. It started as a small distribution center in Columbus, Ohio. In 1979, Cardinal Foods, a regional food distributor, diversified and became a pharmaceutical distributor. Cardinal Health is about improving lives every day. They are into the manufacturing and distribution of medical and lab products, along with data solutions for the healthcare domain. Almost 90% of US hospitals and 60K US pharmacies are served by them. They provide 45K health care products to nearly 3.5 million patients. The organization is mission-driven and has a clear vision about its growth and investing for a promising future. So, let’s explore Cardinal Health mission and vision statements along with its core values.

cardinal health mission statement

Cardinal Health Mission Statement

Cardinal Health mission statement says, Our purpose is to improve people’s lives by merging innovation and technology with healthcare. This mission statement suggests that the organization values people and their health and well-being more than anything else. Also, the company committed to not just the community but also its employees. Here are the key highlights of Cardinal Health’s mission.

  • Focus on people: Healthcare organizations can help save many people if they have the right resources, and that is precisely what Cardinal Health is keen to do. The Cardinal Health organization has made rapid growth to ensure that the right healthcare solutions reach people as fast as possible. Such progress is possible because of the new technologies and scientific reforms in medical science.
  • Investment for the future: Being a futuristic medical and healthcare products provider, the Cardinal Health Organization puts a lot of emphasis on innovation and technology. They deliver innovative and high-end medical products and solutions. These enhancements are critical to ensure that the healthcare domain is taking advantage of technological advancements.

Cardinal Health Vision Statement

The Cardinal Health vision statement says,We aspire to be healthcare’s most trusted partner by building upon our scale and heritage in distribution, products, and solutions while driving growth in evolving areas of healthcare through customer insights, data and analytics, and focusing our resources on what matters most.”

This vision statement indicates that the company is quite clear about the direction to take in the future, whether it is developing new healthcare products or distributing its existing products.

Cardinal Health Core Values

The Cardinal Health core values suggest that they value principles and are focused on their goals. Its core values are:

  • Integrity: Ethics are important for them and play a key role in everything they do. 
  • Inclusive: The organization believes in the policy of inclusivity and embracing differences to achieve the best.
  • Innovative: They believe in developing new ways to operate and serve its customers.
  • Accountable: They are passionate to deliver what they promise. 
  • Mission-driven: They are driven by their mission to provide enhanced healthcare solutions. 


The Cardinal Health organization is well-known for providing advanced and timely global healthcare products and solutions for everyone. Moreover, it is keen to incorporate modern technologies such as data analytics to provide optimal health solutions. Cardinal Health’s mission and vision highlight all these aspects.

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