Casper Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Casper mission statement is “to improve the 26 years we each spend in bed and to brighten the days in between.” The firm shows that it is obsessed with sleep and related services, and that is why it strives to make the best products in this niche. These are the primary components in this statement:

  1. Distinguished sleep products
  2. Global reach

Ideally, Casper is all about sleep products such as mattresses, pillows, and beds among others. To achieve an unmatched quality, the company exploits research and technology, and these contribute to its highly demanded products. The quality of these products is what has taken the popularity of this company beyond its humble beginnings in New York in 2014 to a global level.


Casper Sleep is an e-commerce enterprise that deals with affordable sleep products. The mission and vision statements of this company show that Casper has mastered the art of running its business in the most effective ways with a focus on the experience its clients get. A corporate vision statement defines where a business wants to be in the near future, while a mission statement indicates the appropriate actions that would enable the management to accomplish this set vision.

In this case analysis of Casper, the vision statement of the company talks about releasing the potential of its customers with its products. On the other hand, the mission statement emphasizes the overall sleep experience it treats its customers to. Casper also stresses the role that its core values play in its overall success. The company indicates that they are significant in its ability to keep up with its mission and vision statements.

Vision Statement

Casper Corporation has not published an official vision statement. However, the company states that it is “here to awaken the potential of a well-rested world,” which shows how much it acknowledges the importance of sleep to the overall productivity of people.

To satisfy this ambition, this company teams up with the very best researchers and designers, together with innovative engineers to create products that meet the needs of its customers.

Core Values

Casper core values comprise “innovations, risk reduction, cost reduction, and status.” The business approach of Casper leaves the customers stunned due to the experiences they enjoy. These are embedded in the core values of the company that prioritize on creating the best products. The company goes ahead to offer many other treats to its customers, and this has transformed Casper into the global sleep giant company it is today.


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