Chevron Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Chevron mission statement is “believe in the power of human ingenuity to lead us to a brighter future.” The company has a well-defined approach of running its business, rested on two main features.

  1. Distinguished services
  2. Improving lives

As an energy company, Chevron recognizes the complexities of running the business. Its long history of drilling oils and supplying its clients is proof of its perseverance. It has also redesigned all its outlets in such a way that customers feel welcomed while getting all energy-related services. The best aspect of Chevron is that it prioritizes people in every energy conversation. Its understanding of the central role that its products play in the lives of people motivates it constantly strive to remain a provider of affordable and reliable energy.


Chevron multinational corporation is a leading energy firm with a significant market share in the U.S. and beyond. The company has a robust history characterized by its original spirit of innovation, grit, and perseverance since 1879. Chevron has been a leader in the industry through its pursuit of efficient energy sources while maintaining top services through its mission and vision statements.

A corporate vision statement is a crucial tool that gives a company a future goal to work for. In contrast, a corporate mission statement highlights the strategic operations that spark growth in a company. Just like these two statements, core values are invaluable in the progress of a company. In this case analysis, the vision statement of Chevron focuses on establishing a globally recognized brand. On the other hand, the mission statement looks at the technicalities that Chevron applies to advance itself and move closer to its vision.

Vision Statement

Chevron vision statement is “at the heart of The Chevron Way is our vision to be the global energy company most admired for its people, partnership and performance.” The main parts incorporated in this statement include:

  1. The Chevron way
  2. Global reach

Chevron way is all about people, their needs, preferences, and potential. In fact, it states that people are its greatest resource. Just shown in the second part, Chevron has always been a global brand operating in various parts of the world including America, Australia, North America and Asia. It is also actively involved in corporate social responsibilities in these regions.

Core Values

Chevron core values include “responsibility, trust, and integrity.” Through these principles, the company has gained influence in the global market. This has transformed it into a leader in the sector.


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2 responses to “Chevron Mission and Vision Statements Analysis”

  1. Dr. Mitsu Kumagai Avatar
    Dr. Mitsu Kumagai

    I do not believe in your mission statement: ‘believe in the power of human ingenuity to lead us to a brighter future”

    I’ve had a difficult time buying gas because Chevron cancelled my current card with an expiration date of 8/21 before I got my new card. I was not informed of this transaction until I tried to use the card two times. Each time my card was declined for my gas purchases. I was not informed that my current card was cancelled. I have not received my new card as of today…we will be on a road trip this week knowing that my current card was good until August. I called customer service and they did not help I also talked to the Manager he also did not help. Chevron might have a nice vision, but, certainly it is not customer service. Maybe making a profit is the main focus, and not the client who has been using Chevron for over 50 years.

  2. Dr. Mitsu Kumagai Avatar
    Dr. Mitsu Kumagai

    No integrity!

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