CNN (Cable News Network) Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

CNN mission statement is “to inform, engage and empower the world.” The statement emphasizes on the ways that it finds convenient to achieve its core purpose of empowering the people through information. It has the following main features:

  1. Informing and engaging its audience
  2. Empowering the world

The first component highlights the main duty of CNN as a news-based company – to disseminate events as the occur. To remain reliable and credible, CNN ensures that it thoroughly considers the trustworthiness of its sources of information, and to disseminate this in the best methods without any bias. Airing and writing informative pieces gives CNN authority to influence events and narratives. It also collectively keeps people in touch with both global and local issues, translating to their empowerment.


CNN (Cable News Network) is an American news company established in 1980 by Reese Schonfeld and Ted Turner, and is currently part of the AT & T. The company specializes in both televised and published approaches of disseminating information to its audience. It runs its business based on the mission and vision statements, which acts as guiding tools. Based on its definition, a corporate vision statement indicates the future growth aspirations of a company.

The vision statement of CNN focuses on making the news firm reliable and inspiring. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement explores the appropriate strategies for making the vision a reality. The mission statement of this company zeroes on the three ways that it stamps its authority in the news industry. The core values of CNN also remain crucial in the running of the firm. They influence the culture of the organization, and therefore, determine its ability to stay focused to the mission and vision.

Vision Statement

CNN vision statement is “we bring the world’s breathtaking diversity into cinematic focus, telling stories that are revealing and inspiring.” It has the following features:

  1. Global reach
  2. Inspiring stories

CNN (Cable News Network) is a global company covering issues that go beyond the American borders. The news firm covers aspects such as business, health, technology, style, entertainment and U.S. politics. In fact, it has a section for all the nine regional segments that it acknowledges in its site. Particularly, CNN presents these stories in the most objective and inspiring way, making it different from its competitors.

Core Values

CNN core values comprise “trust, credibility, objectivity, audience sensitive, respect, and creativity.”

The ability of CNN to draw so much loyalty from its audience across the world is all because of the culture that it displays. This organization has demonstrated that it cares about the people it serves by diligently executing its word as guided by these values.


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