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Comcast senior discount

Comcast Corporation was previously known as American Cable Systems. It is one of America’s largest cable TV and internet service providers. Comcast is the cable connection provider of 40 states in the United States of America. For the last twenty years, internet usage has rapidly increased. Comcast for seniors in 2021 has helped senior citizens to tide over their loneliness, especially during the Covid-19 situation where people were locked up in their houses. With such a situation prevailing today, most of the senior citizens buy online, consult doctors online and even socialize online. This calls for buying a good Internet plan from internet service providers.

What is Comcast senior discount?

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People ask is there a senior discount for Comcast? The answer is that Comcast has plans quite suitable for seniors looking to save money on reliable cable services and internet plans but at this time there are no specialized Comcast senior discount plans. Xfinity (by Comcast) offers many internet plans that are suitable for senior citizens. These are Xfinity Internet Essentials @ $9.95 per month, Xfinity Performance Starter+ @ $24.99 per month, Xfinity Performance Select @ $34.99 per month, and X1 Saver Pro+ Double Play @ $79.99 per month. The price depends on data speed, Data Limit, Installation Fees and Equipment Rental, etc. Browse through these Comcast packages available for seniors. It is important to select the package wisely, as you need to save for health care and other regular living expenditures as well.

For the seniors belonging to a low-income family, getting a reliable internet and cable connection is a cause of concern, as everything comes at a price. However, out of the plan discussed above, seniors belonging to a low-income family can apply for Xfinity Internet Essentials @ $9.95 per month as it is the most affordable internet plan by Comcast.

Why Comcast Discount for Senior Citizens?

There are many benefits of affordable Comcast plans for seniors. And while the company does not offer any explicit Comcast discount for senior citizens. It is their affordability that is suitable for seniors belonging to low-income households. 

Exactly how much is Comcast for seniors depends on the package you choose. It can vary from $10 per month to $80 per month or more. With Comcast senior discount options, one has a lot to benefit from. Like affordable internet plans to seamless cable services. More benefits are:

  • Specific packages inclusive of activation or Installation fees  
  • Amazing download speed of minimum 25 Mbps to 200 Mbps
  • Unlimited access to nation-wide Xfinity WiFi Hotspots
  • Free internet skills training that is online, in print, or in-person 

Plans from Comcast for senior citizens can be bought not only by seniors but also by others eligible. Any other new Xfinity customers can also take advantage of various plans by this service provider. Moreover, there are no complex eligibility requirements to enjoy Comcast cheapest internet service. You must be a resident of an area that has Xfinity internet services. Also, no installation fee is to be paid in many plans. Moreover, no background or credit verification is done. 

Senior citizens get low-priced internet plans and cable services offering a wide range of benefits. As they do not usually require any extra data benefits, so the plans become very affordable for them. 

Comcast discount for senior citizens is very much essential for senior citizens because this allows them to use this basic service without worrying about the cost. It helps them to stay connected with all their family members. 

With affordable Comcast plans, they can effortlessly remain connected with grandchildren and extended family members via emails, video calling apps, or social media. Not only this, but they can also carry on with their daily lives smoothly utilizing internet services. Be it online shopping or medical consultation, Comcast affordable plans are worth it. Not only this, but they can also browse online products, watch videos and movies, read reviews and also send gifts. 

How To Get Comcast Senior Discount?

is there a senior discount for comcast

Check if you are eligible and then follow the steps to avail Comcast internet essentials.

  • Fill in the application for Xfinity internet
  • Submit the online application via phone or laptop.
  • Once your application is approved, you will be notified.
  • Enjoy home internet once all the documentation is done.

Comcast FAQs

What are the internet scams that seniors should look out for?

As elderly people are easy prey for senior discounts and offers, they should be careful of getting duped by such scams. Double-check the authenticity of the website offering Comcast or any other such discount codes as various such frauds happen.

What is the eligibility requirement for the Comcast essential internet plan?

Comcast senior discount age is not set, but to get a Comcast essential internet plan, you need to live in an area where Comcast internet essentials is available. They also offer affordable plans to persons with disabilities, and Veterans. For the Comcast $10 cable internet, you must be part of Federal Assistance Programs, such as SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, Housing Assistance, and the School Lunch Program.

What is Comcast debt forgiveness?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced a Comcast debt forgiveness for those who were unable to pay for their low-income Comcast connections. For this, the users are required to get their application approved by Dec 2020. However, this facility was available only till 2020. In 2021, the standard rules of payment were applicable.


If you are a senior citizen, then the best way to get an affordable internet connection is the Comcast Internet essentials package. It offers 25 Mbps download speed and a 3 GB Data Limit. Installation and Equipment Rental is included in the package. So, if you belong to a low-income household and looking for discounted internet, apply for this package. With this, the senior citizens can lead an enjoyable and safe life at home, especially during Covid-19. This is one of the best deals for seniors.

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