Companies with a Unique Mission and Vision

The latest business techniques are focused on providing not just the products and services but also a vision. As stated by Simon Sinek, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” And this is why companies and organizations like Tesla, Microsoft, Or & Zon have unique vision and mission statements. These statements clarify what the organization stands for and keeps everyone focused on what matters the most. 

What is a Vision Statement?

A brief introduction to what the company aspires and the services it intends to create. Everyone working within the company keeps this in mind, and it impacts the decision making in the company. Vision sets the path for the company.

What is a Mission Statement?

The mission statement tells about the company’s purpose and focus. It introduces you to what the company is about and what their goals are.

Importance of Mission and Vision

Mission and vision statements give an idea about the company. A company with an effective and unique mission and vision statements gain clarity. Additionally, the target audience tends to support a brand if they appreciate the vision and stay loyal.

10 Companies With Most Unique Mission And Vision Statements

1. Tesla

File:Tesla Motors Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Tesla is a world-known company for making the most progressive cars, and its mission is to be the most compelling car company of the 21st century. Its vision is to accelerate the transition of the world from fossil-fuelled to electric vehicles. Their vision allows them to come up with other energy solutions.

2. Or & Zon

Bohemian Home Decor Store | Unique Interior Design - Or & Zon

Established by Guillaume, Or & Zon has a unique mission to deliver handcrafted and lifestyle products to your doorstep straight from the makers. Its vision is to support the small business of hardworking, creative people. Each product is handpicked and is either an original or a limited edition. 

They focus on maintaining the premium quality using the finest materials blend with perfect simplicity and attention to detail to provide you with the opportunity to relish an affordable luxury. They travel across the globe searching for products that match their vision and deliver it straight to your door.

3. TED

Ted talk Logos

Everyone is familiar with Ted’s mission to spread ideas. TED stands for technology, education, and design and their vision is to channel the ideas to drive a change in the attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. It is considered a truly great mission, and TED has been appreciated around the globe for the way they have focused on bringing change to the lives of millions.

4. Google

Google has a new logo - The Verge

Who is not aware of what Google does? However, they still came up with the mission to arrange the information and make it accessible to anyone in need. Google has succeeded in achieving its mission and continues moving further on their path. Google does not have a vision statement, but we can assume their vision is to collect every shred of information available on earth and make it useful. 


IKEA Logo, IKEA Symbol Meaning, History and Evolution | Ikea coupon, Ikea  logo, Ikea gift card

IKEA’s mission is to provide us with a wide range of well-designed, functional, home furnishing products at a low price so that almost everyone can afford them. Their vision is to make everyone’s life better and simpler. Over the years, IKEA has come up with a wide range of products and is coming up with more continuously. They have stood up to their words and made their products accessible to as many people as possible.

6. Amazon

How Amazon's logos reflect its evolution - Marketplace

Amazon has become one of the world’s largest companies because of its mission to offer its customers products at low prices, best variety and utmost convenience. They have the vision to be earth’s most customer-centric company so that customers can get almost everything they need. Their constant focus on their mission and inspiration from their vision to be customer-centric has made them the largest e-commerce store.

7. Honest Tea

honesttea-logo -

Honest Tea brings you delicious organic beverages to make your favorite flavors healthy. Their mission is to deliver organic beverages while growing their business with the same honesty and integrity they use for their beverages. At Honest Tea, they refrain from chemical-laden beverages. They are promoting their business by steering the market to great-tasting and healthy beverages. They attract the customers by highlighting their values such as honesty, integrity and sustainability. Honest Tea tries to be transparent about their business by publishing a mission report every year.

8. Warby Parker

Warby Parker Logo - LogoDix

Warby Parker emerged as a major eyewear brand because of its premium quality glasses and its mission to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price. Their mission statement highlights the main business aim as revolutionary price, which attracts many customers. They have the vision to make the purchase easy and fun. Their vision also adds that they want to leave their customers happy and good-looking with money in their pockets. They state that buying glasses can be quite boring and costly, but it is quite the opposite with Warby parker.

9. Loreal

LOreal Symbol | Loreal logo, Loreal, Loreal paris

Loreal is a world-renowned brand for cosmetics beauty products. Their mission is to provide the best in cosmetic innovation to women and men across the world. Its mission states that they care about both the genders equally and believe in constant innovation. Additionally, they claim to respect diversity, and their products are effective for all skin types. This unique approach to the market has granted them with utmost success.

10. Shopify

File:Shopify logo 2018.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Shopify’s vision is to make commerce better for everyone allowing the business to focus on building their products and selling it. Shopify’s mission and vision are to empower businesses. They make it possible for the business to focus on their business’s core aspects by managing an eCommerce website on the company’s behalf.


A Unique mission and vision are important to let the target audience know how the company is different from other similar companies in the market and why they should choose it. Every company is trying to convince its potential customers with the help of promoting its carefully crafted mission and vision statements.

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