CVS Caremark (Consumer Value Stores Caremark) Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

CVS Caremark’s mission statement is “to improve the lives of those we serve by making innovative and high-quality health and pharmacy services safe, affordable and easy to access.” The statement shows that the company remains dedicated to interceding for its customers in various ways to ensure they get the best healthcare possible. This CVS mission statement comprises of the following points:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Enhancing health

The primary purpose of CVS Caremark (Consumer Value Stores Caremark) is to see that it links all its clients with the best healthcare services possible. Through its integrated system, this subsidiary can recommend a wide range of healthcare-related approaches that boost the care provided to its clients. It also enables care providers to seamlessly manage the pharmacy benefit programs of their members, and this translates to better health, and improved lives of patients.  Additionally, the company remains alert to the safety of drugs to ensure patients only get quality medications. Its comprehensive and thorough monitoring system has been instrumental in the safety of drugs in the U.S. It also provides healthcare professionals with the latest information resources to improve patient care.


CVS Caremark’s mission and vision statements represent what the corporation is all about. They illustrate the strategic approaches and ambitions that CVS Caremark considers crucial to benefit all its stakeholders, investors, and other customers. As a pharmaceutical and prescription management enterprise, CVS Caremark has rapidly grown into a major corporation, coming second in the U.S. in this industry.

Today, it owes its success to its mission and vision statements that have enabled the CVS subsidiary to sustain steady growth since 1993. A mission statement of a company ideally describes the actions that drive growth and development, while a vision statement dictates the specific growth path.

In this case, the vision statement of CVS Caremark (Consumer Value Stores Caremark) zeros on the impact the company has on human life, while the mission statement emphasis is on influencing the healthcare system for the benefits of its customers. CVS Caremark also attributes its effectiveness to its core values. These go a long way in boosting the ability of the company to achieve its mission and vision.

Vision Statement

CVS Caremark’s vision statement is “we strive to improve the quality of human life.” The statement is all about the difference the company has on the quality of services its patients receive. These points relate to this vision statement by CVS Caremark.

  1. Committed to improve
  2. Human life

In the first point of this vision statement, the emphasis is on the commitment of the corporation on improving all aspects of healthcare including access and quality. By doing so, CVS Caremark seeks to have a long-lasting impact on the health outcome and general human life as shown in the second point of its vision statement.

Core Values

CVS Caremark’s core values comprise “innovation, collaboration, caring, integrity, and accountability.” There is no doubt the growing trend of this arm of CVS Health has been boosted by its prioritization of innovativeness among its employees, the call for togetherness and a general attitude of doing this right.


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