Daycare Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Daycare mission statement is “First, we wish to provide parents with an easy to use daycare finding resource. Second, to provide daycare operators with an efficient and effective means of announcing their services. And finally, we wish to provide both communities with value-added information related to child care services and products.” It has the following main components:

  1. Best daycare finding resource
  2. Marketing daycare operators
  3. Empowering the communities

The first component acknowledges how challenging it is to find a trustworthy and quality daycare facility in the U.S. In response to this, Daycare helps and links parents to the 225, 000 best facilities in the nation. The second one shows how the institution also assists the operators to not only achieve the expected standards but also raise their reputation in the market. Daycare does this by giving them a platform to showcase what they offer. In the last component, Daycare reveals its additional duty to the public by educating them on what to look out for while searching for a daycare facility of their choice.


Daycare is a child-friendly institution that has proven it is the best facility for taking care of the young ones in the U.S. since 1997. The facility is run based on key principles of caring for the children and the related stakeholders. The mission and vision statements of Daycare reflects the wishes of its founders, Sheri and Michael Castello, which is to provide value-based services to the people it serves. Ideally, a corporate vision statement determines the future aspirations of a company, while a corporate mission statement describes how to achieve these future goals.

In this case of Daycare, the vision statement is on making this institution the leader in what it does. On the other hand, the mission statement identifies three primary strategies through which Daycare can fuel its growth. The core values of this facility are perfect for what it does. They work together with the mission and vision statement to create an interactive and progressive institution.

Vision Statement

Daycare has not provided an official vision statement in its site yet. The facility, however, makes it clear through its services that it seeks to be a leader in the sector.

To advance this implied vision, Daycare is always on the lookout for the best strategies to streamline the daycare business and provide the best services to the customers.

Core values

Daycare core values comprise “child-first, compassion, integrity, and safety.”

With these values, the management of this institution has excelled in focusing its workforce on quality-based services. As a consequence, Daycare is one of the most popular organization in this industry today.


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