DECA Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

DECA mission statement is “to prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.” The statement emphasizes the bridging role that DECA plays in specific careers. It has the following parts:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Improving communities

In the first component, DECA shows that it positively influences the lives of individuals by equipping them with 21st Century skills. In fact, the organization states that approximately 92% of its members are proof of its ability to effectively impart technical knowhow in businesses and problem-solving. Such individuals eventually become irreplaceable members of society due to their effective leadership. In this way, they make a difference in their communities.


Of the different 501 non-profit career and technical student institutions in America, DECA has differentiated itself in the way it conducts its business. For over half a century, the mission and vision statements of this organization have seen it grow and expand into other regions such as Mexico, Spain, Germany, China and Canada, giving it a global look. The impact of the corporate tools in its success is simply undebatable.

The corporate vision statement, for instance, guides a company towards a specified future, something that DECA appears focused on as it strives to be a leader in education and training. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement provides the strategic mechanisms that increase the probability of a firm advancing towards its vision. DECA zeroes on key areas crucial in transforming individuals into impactful professionals. The firm also uses its core values to create an environment that contributes towards the achievement of its vision.

Vision Statement

DECA has not published an official vision statement. The growth path of the organization, however, remains clear through its activities. There is no doubt that it strives to establish itself as a leader in this industry considering its achievements and ambitions.

Statistics show that DECA has been influential in the lives of over 10 million individuals including business professionals, educators, and scholars. The brand also remains committed to fulfilling its principle of being a change initiator in the future generations and world.

Core Values

DECA core values include “integrity, competence, teamwork, and innovation.” To achieve such a high brand status as the one recorded by DECA, an organization must have an equally strong internal culture. These are essentially the standards that make DECA a unique entity from its competitors.


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