Does Dell Price Match? Dell Allows You To Get A Refund Of The Price Match Difference

Dell is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to laptops and desktops. The company aces in this field but also faces fierce competition. But does Dell price match? Find out below.

To beat the competition and keep customers satisfied, the company promises to sell its products at the best rates. To substantiate its claim, Dell offers a price match policy. In addition, Dell is also known for its price guarantee policy.

However, before delving deeper into understanding the process of Dell price match, you must know that the Dell price match terms may vary from one country to another. Hence, you must check the company website to know accurate policy terms that are applicable for your location. Here we will be highlighting the details of the Dell price match policy and how to get Dell Price Match apart from other significant details.

Dell Price Match Policy

The price policy is pretty simple. All you need to do is check the products similar to Dell’s product you have purchased or intend to purchase on the qualifying websites, and if you come across a website offering the same product at a low price, you can benefit from Dell Price Match. Make sure that you make the comparison only from the qualifying websites. Several factors play an important role in this, and you must know about them before making a claim. 

Products that fall under the price match policy

Before going ahead, you must know that all the products don’t fall in the price match policy category:

  • A PC being sold on a competitive website. This PC must have the same features as Dell’s PC. It must match the configuration like memory hard disk, operating system, screen size, graphic solutions, and resolution touch capacity processor.
  • Products that are bought from the For the Home section on These products must match the retailer’s website. 
  • It is applicable on electronic devices or gadgets, which is the same as on the competitive website. 
  • Dell will match electronic or accessory items sold by another retailer website with the identical part number with the product sold in the For Work segment of the official website of Dell.

How to Get Dell Price Match

The process of price match is pretty simple. If you find an advertisement of a Dell product you want to purchase at a lower price elsewhere, then Dell will do the price match. This facility is only applicable for Dell products or equivalent company products. You can also speak to customer care about the same. Easy steps for price match: 

  • You must begin with checking the product from the list of websites specified by Dell. 
  • You need to share the link of the same product with Dell or present the proof to the Dell sales representative. 
  • You can also do the live chat available on their website or call them on 1-877-717-3355.
  • After the verification is done, you can go ahead with the purchase at a lower price. 
  • This process is applicable only when you have not purchased the product.

Dell’s Price Guarantee Program

Dell also offers a price guarantee policy, which is applicable on the purchase of the product. This is applicable only on identical items purchased from the same retailer, i.e., Dell. The time limit for this process is 30 days from the date of purchase of the product. Here is how you proceed with the steps of the Dell’s price guarantee process:

  • You must cross-check for the lower pricing. 
  • You must also have the proof to furnish in front of Dell representative to make the claim.
  • You can claim within 30 days of purchase of products.
  • You can also call up the Dell customer support team (sales division) for this.
  • Once the verification is done, you will get the refund amount or the amount difference.
  • Dell will do the refund within a few days.

How is the Dell com price match different from the price guarantee policy?

Dell offers the best laptops and computer accessories, and at the same time, it also guarantees its customers the best rates backed by price match and price guarantee policy. To provide its customers with the best rates, it has categorized process under the two different categories:

  • Before purchase
  • After purchase

The price match is available on products before making a purchase, but the Dell price guarantee program is applicable on products that have already been purchased. You can claim under the price guarantee policy within 30 days of the purchase of products. 

Exceptions to the policy 

There are some exclusions to the Dell price match policy. The following section highlights the same:

  • Price from paid membership club or paid loyalty program. 
  • Products purchased from a marketplace where the order is fulfilled by the third-party rather than a retail store or website.
  • Limited quantity product, products sold during the clearance sale, flash sales, or seasonal discount.
  • Price based on rebate, financing offers, coupons, or services gifts. 
  • Product purchased on the resale. 
  • You cannot club the price with any promotional offers or deals. 
  • It cannot be combined with any Dell’s VIP purchase product or Student discount or Forces discount.

Remember, the availability of products also plays an important role in this. This policy is only applicable to one purchase. The price guarantee is applicable only for 30 days from the day of purchase. Remember; you must not forget to take a copy of the invoice or proof along with you at the time of making a claim. 

Now that you know about the terms and conditions of the price match policy and price guarantee policy, you can easily go ahead and check for the lower price:

Step 1: Identify the lower-priced product from the qualifying retailer website.

Step 2: Share the active link or present the proof of the lower-priced product to the Dell representative. You can call them up to discuss the claim. They will validate the claim, and you can complete the process.


We have covered in-depth the price match and price guarantee policy of Dell. You must always check the terms and conditions of the policy before making a claim.  Through Dells Price Match the company has enhanced its credibility giving customers the assurance that with Dell they can never go wrong whether it is product quality or price.

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