Denny’s Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Denny’s Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Denny’s mission statement is, “To build, nurture and grow Denny’s culture, wildly diverse, demonstrably inclusive and unquestionably fair and equal in opportunity for all; To be a place that employs all, buys from all, promotes all, serves all and supports all as a natural extension of who we are.

There are many famous restaurant chains in the US, and Denny’s happens to be one of them. Initially known as Danny’s Donuts, it was founded by two individuals, Richard Jezak and Harald Butler, in 1953 in California. However, this name became Danny’s Coffee Shops after several years. Eventually, the restaurant was given the name Denny’s.

The good thing about this company is that it is open on holidays. In this way, the customers will be sure of getting its service all through the year. At present, this restaurant chain has got more than 1,500 eateries across the globe. Franchises own most of these restaurants.

You will also come across a restaurant belonging to this company in New Zealand and Japan, apart from Mexico, the UK, and Canada. Although the company’s website doesn’t mention a precise mission, the focus of the company is to provide the best eating experience by serving quality meals every day.

To oblige its customers, Denny’s offers a special senior discount. Many other deals and offers are available at Denny’s, and you can enjoy scrumptious meals at the best price.

Why should you ask for Denny’s senior discount?

The good thing about Denny’s is that they provide a special menu for the seniors out there. This special discount menu is intended for those individuals whose age is more than or equal to 55 years and those who have a great taste for scrumptious food items. The senior menu at Denny’s comes with an extensive range, including eggs and bacon, pancakes, toast, sandwiches, chicken, fish, sausages, and waffles.

The question that might arise is why one should ask for a senior discount at Denny’s. The reply to this question will be that many elderly people do not use these discounts since they do not require them. On the other hand, you’ll come across many seniors who need these discounts. 

Most of them have worked tirelessly throughout their lives in various departments such as the military, healthcare, education, and so on. Moreover, some of them have also suffered from persistent health problems and had to endure lots of problems in the long run. Many of them have been financially unstable as well. All these people require an incentive to make their lifestyle a decent one. This will come in the form of senior discounts provided by some well-known companies in the country. One such company happens to be Denny’s, and we have mentioned some information on this topic in the following paragraphs.

How much is a senior discount at Denny’s?

Even though some individuals might argue that no senior citizen’s discount is offered by Denny’s, it is a fact that they provide a special 55+ menu whose main intention is to provide identical food items at a discounted rate and in smaller portions. Denny’s senior discount is available for individuals who are 55 years and above. They get 15% off on the menu (excluding the kid’s menu and alcohol).

It has been revealed on the official website of this company that it provides as many as 10 menu items at a discounted price. You can check Denny’s portal for more information.

Although some menu items happen to be low in the content of calories, there is no mention of specific health benefits that can be obtained by measuring these food items. However, most food items will be offered in smaller portions, resulting in the consumption of fewer calories in the long run. Here, it is important to remember that Denny’s is all about preparing fast food items.

How to get Denny’s senior discount?

The most notable thing regarding Denny’s is that they provide a special menu for seniors. As mentioned earlier, this menu is intended for those over 55 years of age who would like to savor delicious food items. The senior menu at Denny’s comprises an extensive variety of recipes intended for food buffs. If you want to satisfy your taste buds during the odd hours, you can try one of these menu items at Denny’s at a discounted rate, provided you are more than 55 years of age.

It is fantastic that this kind of special discount is available at Denny’s for the seniors. However, there are also some other ways of saving cash while satisfying your taste buds at Denny’s. Here, we have mentioned several of these innovative ways.

Other Ways You Can Save With Denny’s

Denny’s Rewards

It will be possible to take advantage of the rewards program at Denny’s by visiting their official website. After providing your personal information, some “exclusive” emails will be sent to you. Moreover, it will be feasible for you to get a discount of 20% off your subsequent order. Besides this, the company will send you a “tasty” birthday gift every year.

Online coupons

While visiting any restaurant chain, always try to find out whether any online coupon is available for you. Right now, you will be able to take advantage of a couple of coupons from Denny’s. One of them will allow you to get a discount of 15% off your purchase. Another one will provide you with a couple of free meals for the kids with every purchase. One more way to get coupons and other incentives is by completing Denny’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. Let them know your opinion and enjoy the discounts

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Denny’s is not the only place that praises its senior customers. There are other stores that offer senior discounts. These are:

McDonald’s – If you are 55 years and above, you will get a discounted or free coffee at participating locations.

El Pollo Loco – Older adults 60 years and above can save 10% or up to $1.

IHOP  – Explore the special 55 plus menus at IHOP.

Denny’s FAQs

Does Denny’s have senior hours?

Denny’s is offering you a special discount if you are 55 years and above. This discount is available every Thursday. Visit Denny’s between 2 pm and 10 pm and enjoy 15% off on your meal.

What is Denny’s senior discount age?

Denny’s senior discount is available for individuals who are 55 years and above.

Is there a senior discount day at Denny’s?

Yes, there is a senior discount available at Denny’s. One can get a discount every Thursday

Does Denny accept AARP?

Yes, Denny’s accepts AARP cards.


It is quite natural for Denny’s to have many rivals on the market. For example, Denny’s competitors are Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Dunkin’ and Luby’s, Darden Restaurants, and IHOP. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts happens to be a coffeehouse chain and donut company based in America. It was founded in 1937 by an individual known as Vernon Rudolph in New Orleans. On the other hand, Darden Restaurants is a multi-brand restaurant operator headquartered in Orlando. Right now, Darden can boast of having more than 1,600 restaurant locations across the globe with over 180,000 employees.

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