Dicks Sporting Goods Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Dicks Sporting Goods mission statement is “to be the No. 1 sports and fitness specialty retailer for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts through the relentless improvement of everything we do.” The statement reveals how important the market position is for this company. It has the following primary features:

  1. Improves lives
  2. Exceeding expectations

To meet the needs of the first feature, Dicks Sporting Goods ensures that its products comply with certain quality standards. Through its stores, the company brings all the athletes the various fitness materials they need to realize their potentials. Other than this, it operates various specialty stores that offer more such as the Golf Galaxy and DICK’S Team Sports HQ with various forms of sports-related services. Some of these comprise scheduling and scorekeeping among others. Such services show how passionate Dicks Sporting Goods is in what it does.


Dicks Sporting Goods is a major retailer of sporting goods in America. The firm was started in 1948 in Coraopolis as a bait-and-tackle store but has since transformed itself into the global outfit it is today. Throughout this growth journey, its mission and vision statements have been critical. They direct the developmental plans and mechanisms making Dicks Sporting Goods competitive at all levels.

A corporate vision statement creates a future ambition, while a corporate mission statement identifies strategies of achieving it. For Dicks Sporting Goods, its vision statement is all about perfection and making its brand the most acceptable and sought-after. The mission statement complements this by emphasizing on relentlessness to make this company a top brand in the U.S. and beyond. Dicks Sporting Goods has unique core values that also adds to its success. They are invaluable to the progress the company is making towards its vision. 

Vision Statement

Dicks Sporting Goods vision statement is “to build brands that serve and inspire athletes and outdoor enthusiasts also to create value for the shareholders through improvements of everything they do.” The statement has two features:

  1. Serve and inspire
  2. Create values

The first component represents the main purpose of Dicks Sporting Goods. The company sacrifices everything to help people excel in sports through its operations. While doing this, it also creates values for everyone who interacts with it. Its corporate social responsibility programs are a perfect example of its achievements.

Core Values

Dicks Sporting Goods core values comprise “passion, quality-first, customer-friendly, honesty, and respect.” Over the years, this company has thrived so much due to the healthy internal environment created by these core values. In fact, they are the reason for the influence it commands.


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