DIRECTV Senior Discount Requirements And Details

DIRECTV senior discount

DIRECTV’s Mission statement is “To provide affordable high-speed Internet access to all of America, including the most rural areas of the country.”

DIRECTV commenced in June 1994. It is a popular American company that offers multichannel video programming services. However, the company originally established digital satellite services and had viewership throughout the United States of America. The company is also the provider of the conventional linear television services that are mainly given through IP using the U-verse brand and Virtual MVPD service in its own brand name. In 2015, AT&T acquired DIRECTV. 

DIRECTV has no specific discount for their senior subscribers, but they do offer a lot of packages with live streaming of sports, news, and movies that are in demand. Along with it, they offer services that are very consistent, and you can avail of more channels at a minimum price with their attractive packages.

Why Should You Ask For DIRECTV Senior Discount?

Of course, it is no hidden fact that as you age, you move towards your retirement life. After having worked for years and paying all your bills effortlessly for yourself and your family, suddenly the time is here when you may be on a tight budget and living expenses won’t stop. 

Your other living expenses may have just bumped off a little bit, but your medical expenses may have suddenly shot up. So, it is all the same. Now, when you have nothing to go by, the best that you can do is avail of the discounts that the companies give to their senior consumers. After your retirement, you will spend more time in your home, and you need to have more channels on your television to spend your day.

How To Get DIRECTV Senior Discount?

It is very unfortunate that the company does not offer any discounts to its senior subscribers, but they do have something to help senior consumers lower the bills of DIRECTV. 

The company is all for providing business discounts and good subsidies on the equipment that you take from them. Going through their website, you will find their services and packages in detail.  

Discounts for seniors subscribing to television network services are all the more required because of the increase in its demand all of a sudden. The pandemic is the reason behind the increase. Everyone, especially seniors, has been prohibited from moving out of their house and that has contributed to more TV time for entertainment. 

To cut your costs for internet and TV services, you can get DIRECTV bundle options. You can choose from a number of bundles on what the most suitable bundle is for you. The cheapest package for TV and AT&T Internet for elderly citizens begins from $109 that has 160 channels. There is no limit to your internet usage and streaming of videos. The bundles that you can choose from are:

  • Entertainment Package + Internet
  • Choice Package + Internet
  • Ultimate Package + Internet

But the icing on the cake would go to the Choice package that comes very affordably at $60.99 with over 185 channels. Here, you can record your favorite shows using their Genie HD DVR for no additional cost. But here you must pay a Regional Sports Fee of just $9.99 every month.

The Ultimate package comes for $84.99 with a viewership of a staggering 250+ channels. Other features are included in this price cap. Apart from that, you can use the DIRECTV app, which can be connected to up to five devices. You can use your phone or computer to view their shows and movies. Even, you can download their shows and watch them later, and you do not need to connect your device to the internet for the same. 

With a DIRECTV subscription, you can access a wide network of channels including 65,000 plus on-demand shows. Popular sports channels like ESPN and NBC Sports are available on their network, and you will get free access to live football games with their NFL Sunday Ticket. 

Other Ways You Can Save With DIRECTV

  • DIRECTV Customer Satisfaction Survey: DIRECTV Customer Satisfaction Survey offers exciting rewards that act as savings. Through the survey data, the company aims to know customers’ genuine feedback and improve its services.
  • Reduce subscription costs: Gather the bills of your last three months and check out for the services that you have not used. Analyze them carefully and see what you do not require. You can deduct such services which are not in use and reduce your subscription cost.
  • Choose a low-cost plan: You can call their loyalty department and discuss with them the ways to lower your bills. If you can find no way out, then step down to the plan lower than your existing plan. You can also ask for one-time credits and wavering of your bill.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Companies that offer senior discounts in the cable television provider category include Xfinity Extra, Cox TV Starter, Spectrum, Mediacom, Comcast, AT&T, Vast Broadband, and Dish Network.


What is DIRECTV senior discount age?

Since there is no senior discount, there is no senior discount age.

Is there a senior discount day at DIRECTV?

The company does not give any senior discounts, but they have suitable plans for seniors.

Does DIRECTV accept AARP?

No, DIRECTV does not accept AARP.


DIRECTV’s competitors may offer their senior customers discounts that DIRECTV does not, but DIRECTV gives amazing benefits that come in bundles at even more amazing rates. After seeing their bundle rates, it is quite obvious that seniors are definitely going to enjoy huge benefits that come with superb quality services. DIRECTV has been rated as the top service provider in America at present. They have been able to satisfy customers from all over the country and have got top reviews.

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