Disney First Responder Discount Requirements and Details!

Disney first responder discount requirements and details!

The Walt Disney Company’s mission statement is “to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling.” Disney has been giving us magical movies and shows for decades now. The company also creates unique experiences by allowing us to indulge in fairytales and fantasy in the real world. 

You can now visit the Disneyland theme parks and Disney Resorts in the US to meet your favorite fairytale characters and see the movie sets. Plus, there are other amazing Disney theme parks like Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom that most people love to visit. For water parks, we have Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. 

As a frontline worker, you might wonder whether the Disney first responder discount is available in 2022. Many hotels, theme parks, and water parks offer first responder discounts for frontline workers to enjoy the fantasy experience without paying the full price for the tickets and accommodation. 

Keep reading to know whether the Disney first responder discount is in effect and find other ways to save with the Walt Disney Company.

Does Disney Give First Responder Discounts?

Unfortunately, Disney does not offer any specific or exclusive discount for first responders. But that does not mean you always have to pay full price for the tickets and accommodations while visiting the Disney Parks and Resorts as a First Responder. 

The good news is that Disney offers several other options and deals that you can use to score some discounts and save while enjoying the Disney magical experience. 

So, are you curious about how to get the Disney experience on a budget? Read on!

Other Ways You Can Save with Disney

The unavailability of the Disney first responder discount doesn’t mean you have lost the opportunity to cut your Disney visit bill. As promised, here is a list of some ways you can visit the Disney Parks and Resorts at discounted rates:

1. Saving with GovX

GovX is a company with the mission statement, “Saving for those who serve.” It collaborates with many organizations, companies, hotels, and other businesses to provide discounts to police officers, military people, paramedics, firefighters, and EMTs. This is the company’s way of saying thank you to all the frontline workers for their services. The best part is that Disney World and Disneyland are partners of GovX.

So, if you are a qualified first responder falling under the categories mentioned above, you can join GovX for free and see the list of discounts, deals, and promotional offers you can enjoy at Disney. Also, you can get discounts for theme parks like Universal Studios and Sea-world through GovX. 

2. Join the Heroes Vacation Club

Just like GovX, Heroes Vacation Club is another organization that offers several discounts and perks for frontline workers like firefighters, EMTs, medical professionals, and police officers. You can get the Heroes Vacation Club membership for free by proving your eligibility by clicking on the “badge discount” drop-down menu. Make sure to show a valid work ID for identification and proof.

Once you are a member of the Heroes Vacation Club, you’ll have the option to avail yourself of countless discounts, deals, and offers for various hotels and theme parks, including Disneyland and Disney World. What’s more? You’ll find discounted prices for car rentals and flights to these hotels and theme parks. 

3. CityPass

CityPass offers tickets at the best rates possible for several theme parks, including the Disney ones. The best part? CityPass is not just limited to first responders. In fact, every individual can avail of the perks and offers by CityPass. Apart from Disneyland and Disney World, you can find tickets for Universal Studios, Seaworld, Legoland, and more on the CityPass website. 

4. Discounts at Disney Springs Hotel

Disney Springs Hotel is located inside Disney World and has seven branches in the US. This hotel provides free transportation to its customers who want to visit Disneyland and other Disney Theme Parks. 

The second exciting thing about the Disney Springs Hotel is that it offers exclusive discounts to police officers, firefighters, 911 dispatchers, medical professionals, and EMTs. This means if you’re a frontline worker, you will find rooms at surprising discounted rates at the Disney Springs Hotel. 

5. Disney Springs Hotel Military Discount

Disney Springs Hotels also offer a flat 20% discount on standard room rates for all retired and active duty US military members. All the US Coast Guards are also eligible for this discount offer. However, you can not combine the military discount with any other discount, promotional deal, or offer. 

Similar Companies That Do Offer First Responder Discounts 

Here is a list of some similar companies and Disney competitors that offer exclusive first responders discounts:

  • Dollywood: The theme park offers a flat 15% for first responders and frontline workers on theme park tickets. 
  • Sea World: Sea World offers all first responders inside the park free entry. Also, all the friends and family members of first responders can get discounted entry tickets. 


Are nurses included in the first responders’ category?

No, nurses are generally not included in the first responders’ category. However, the other ways to save with Disney mentioned above include nurses. 

Does Disney have a police discount?

Disney does not offer an exclusive discount for police officers. However, police officers can get discounts by signing up for GovX. 

Is Disney World free on your birthday?

No, Disney World has no birthday discounts or free entry. 


There is no special Disney first responder discount in 2022. However, first responders can use other ways like signing up for GovX, Heroes Vacation Club, and CityPass to save at Disney World and Disneyland. Moreover, you can cut your cost by staying at Disney Springs Hotel and opting for their military discount and other offers. 

If you are looking for similar companies that offer first responder discounts, consider Disney competitors like Seaworld and Dollywood.

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