Does BMW Honor Those Who Serve Our Country? (Here’s the Answer)

Does BMW Honor Those Who Serve Our Country

If you’re a member of the military, you may be wondering if BMW offers a military discount. The answer is yes – BMW offers a generous military discount to those who serve our country. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of the BMW military discount policy, including how much you can save and who is eligible. So if you’re in the market for a new BMW, be sure to check out this article for all the information you need!

What Is BMW Military Discount Policy?

The BMW Military Discount Program offers an online discount to those who serve in the US military, as well as their families. The exact amount of the discount varies by model, but generally, customers can save anywhere between $500-$2000 off toward a lease or new vehicle purchase. Additionally, eligible customers may also be able to receive special financing options. The only thing you need is to confirm your military status through in order to receive the discount.

Continue reading for more details, including how to go through the verification process without any hassle and what other perks come with this incredible offer!

Who Is Eligible for the BMW Military Discount?

To be eligible for the BMW Military Discount Program, you must be a current or former member of the US military. This includes the following military branches:

  • Active duty (Army, Reserve/National Guard, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Air Force, as well as their spouses)
  • Veterans within 1 year of separation
  • Retirees
  • USAA members and their immediate family living in the USA

How Do You Verify Your Status with is a verified identity platform used by many companies, including BMW. To receive the BMW Military Discount, you’ll need to confirm your military status through The process is simple and straightforward – just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the BMW Military Discount page and select “Verify with”.
  2. Enter your information in the pop-up window and select “Continue”.
  3. Select “Military” as your identity type and then select “Continue”.
  4. Enter your military credentials and click “Verify Now”.
  5. Once you’re verified, you can choose your preferred BMW model and enjoy up to $2000 off! It’s that simple!

How to Get Your Discounted BMW?

After verifying your military status with, you’ll be able to access the BMW Military Discount Program and enjoy up to $2000 off toward your lease or new vehicle purchase. To get the discount, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the BMW website and find your preferred model.
  2. Select “Military Discount” at the checkout page.
  3. Then reach out to your closest authorized BMW and MINI Military Sales agent to get all the details, ask for pricing information, or schedule a test drive.
  4. They will help you with the rest and take care of all the paperwork.

Can You Combine Your Military Discount with Other Deals?

Yes, you can combine the BMW Military Discount with other offers. This means that you could save even more on your vehicle purchase or lease fee. However, each offer may have different terms and conditions, e.g. you cannot benefit from the BMW Corporate Sales Program when using a military discount.

So your best bet is to contact your dealer for more details if you’re unsure.

Is This Offer Limited to the USA Only?

Fortunately, no. The BMW Military Discount Program is valid in the US, Canada, and some other countries as well. For more details, visit the appropriate page on the BMW website.

What Other Perks Can Military Members Get with BMW?

Apart from the military discount, BMW offers a range of other benefits to its military customers. These include:

  1. Special financing options tailored to meet military members’ needs.
  2. International warranty cover.
  3. Fixed prices.
  4. Complimentary scheduled maintenance for up to 4 years/50,000 miles on eligible vehicles.
  5. Exclusive service loaner vehicles available for military customers.
  6. 24-hour roadside assistance with BMW Assist.
  7. Complimentary accident insurance coverage with the BMW Military Insurance Program.
  8. VAT-free purchasing.
  9. Local delivery and home shipping. They will take your vehicle to your local BMW and MINI Military Sales agent if needed. It’s easy! Just grab the keys and go for a drive.

These offers may vary depending on your location, so reach out to your local dealer for more details.

What Other Companies Offer Discounts to Military Members?

Apart from BMW, many other companies offer discounts to active military personnel and veterans. Some of the most popular ones include:

Key Takeaways

BMW’s mission statement is “to become the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.” The company is proud to offer a generous military discount to those who serve our country and their families. The BMW Military Discount Program offers up to $2000 off a lease or new vehicle purchase, as well as special financing options for eligible customers. To take advantage of this incredible offer, all you need to do is verify your military status through and choose the BMW model of your choice. So if you’re in the market for a new BMW, be sure to come back to our simple guide and start saving today!

Happy shopping!

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