Does Safeway Make Custom Cakes? (Flavors, Prices + More)

Does Safeway Make Custom Cakes

You’ve probably heard of Safeway’s delicious cakes and treats, but did you know Safeway makes custom cakes as well? Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, celebrating an anniversary, or just looking for something special, Safeway has you covered. Many people wonder about Safeway custom cake orders—what flavors are available, how much Safeway custom cakes cost, and more. In this blog post, we’ll answer all your questions about cake orders at Safeway. So, keep reading to learn more!

Does Safeway Make Custom Cakes?

Yes! Safeway does accept custom cake orders for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. These cakes come in the form of pre-made Safeway cakes, which Safeway will customize according to your specifications. Additionally, Safeway offers decorated cakes that are made from scratch and customized to your needs and wishes. So, whatever your occasion, Safeway can make a delicious custom cake just for you.

Does Safeway Sell Ready-Made Cakes?

In addition to Safeway’s custom cake orders, Safeway also sells a selection of ready-made cakes in-store. These include both decorated and undecorated cakes, which are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. You can browse Safeway’s online cake selection to see the available cakes.

How Can You Place a Safeway Cake Order?

If you need to place a Safeway cake order, you can do so either in-store or online.

You can go old-school and visit your local Safeway bakery department. That way, you can will discuss your vision for the cake with Safeway’s bakery associates, who will help you design the perfect custom cake for your special occasion. This way is great if you’re looking for something truly unique. 

If you’re looking for convenience and don’t have time to visit Safeway in person, you can order your Safeway cake online. Safeway’s online ordering system is a great way to get a custom Safeway cake quickly and easily. Here, you’ll find Safeway’s full selection of decorated and undecorated cakes ready for your customization. 

After placing your Safeway cake order online, you can pick up your cake in-store or have it delivered right to your door. 

How Much Are Custom Cakes at Safeway?

The exact price for Safeway custom cakes will vary depending on the size and design of your cake, as well as any extra decorations or fillings you may choose. Generally, you can expect the following prices for Safeway cakes: 

  • Plain round Cake: $18.99
  • Full Sheet Cake: $55.99 
  • 1/2 Sheet Cake: $36.99
  • 1/4 Sheet Cake: $26.99 
  • 1/8 Sheet Cake: $19.99 
  • Cupcake Cake: $24.99
  • 1/4 Sheet Cupcake Cake: $37.99

Remember that these prices do not include additional decorations or fillings, so make sure to factor those in when budgeting for your Safeway custom cake. 

What Types of Cakes Can You Order at Safeway?

Safeway offers a variety of cakes for all your special occasions. Safeway has a great selection of cakes made for children’s birthday parties, including character cakes featuring all your favorite cartoon characters. Safeway also offers a selection of tasty standard cakes that you can customize as you wish. 

When ordering your cake, you can choose among the following flavors:

  • Carrot
  • Chocolate
  • Marble
  • Red Velvet
  • White

The Safeway bakery also offers a delicious selection of fillings for custom cakes. From fresh fruit to creamy custards, Safeway has just the filling you need to create the perfect Safeway cake for your special occasion. Here are the most popular Safeway cake fillings:

  • Apple Filling
  • Blueberry Filling
  • Buttercreme
  • Cherry Filling
  • Cream Cheese Filling
  • Créme Cheese Icing
  • Fudge
  • German Chocolate
  • Lemon Filling
  • Raspberry Filling
  • Strawberry Filling
  • Vienna Kreme
  • White Vanilla Whipped Icing

In addition to favors and fillings, you can also customize your cake icing. Safeway offers a variety of icing styles, including:

  • Chocolate Buttercream
  • Non-Dairy Whipped Chocolate
  • Non-Dairy Whipped White
  • Vanilla Whipped Icing
  • White Buttercream

If you can’t find the ingredient you’re looking for in these lists, don’t worry! Safeway’s bakery associates are happy to accommodate special requests. Just let them know what you’re looking for, and they’ll do their best to make it happen. 

Does Safeway Make Custom Wedding Cakes?

Unfortunately, Safeway does not make custom wedding cakes. Safeway does offer a selection of tiered cakes for special occasions, but these are not customizable. 

If you want a custom wedding cake, you can check out Walmart. They do offer custom wedding cakes and will work with you to create the perfect cake for your special day. 

Does Safeway Make Custom Gluten-Free Cakes?

Although Safeway has a great selection of gluten-free products, Safeway does not offer custom gluten-free cakes. However, Safeway does allow you to select a non-dairy icing, which is also a good alternative for customers who are lactose intolerant. 

Does Safeway Make Custom Ice Cream Cakes?

Although you can find Safeway’s selection of ice cream cakes in the frozen desserts section, Safeway does not offer custom ice cream cakes. 

But don’t lose hope just yet! You might still be able to customize Safeway’s ice cream cakes. It just depends on what Safeway store you visit. Some Safeway locations will allow customers to customize their Safeway ice cream cakes with special toppings and decorations. So, you can try asking around to see if Safeway in your area offers this service. 

Can Safeway Decorate Your Cake with a Photo?

Absolutely! Safeway can easily transfer your favorite photo to a cake! Safeway’s bakery associates have experience creating beautiful cakes with edible images, so you can rest assured that your cake will be nothing short of perfect.

When ordering your Safeway custom cake in-store, be sure to provide Safeway employees with a physical photo of your choice. Safeway will take care of the rest. 


So, does Safeway take custom cake orders? Yes! Safeway’s in-store bakery has a great selection of flavors, fillings, icings, and decorations, so you can easily create the perfect Safeway cake for your special occasion. Safeway also offers the option to transfer your favorite photo to a cake, which is a great way to personalize your Safeway cake. You can order both online and in-store, and the options are endless.

Hopefully, you found this blog post helpful. Thank you for reading!

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