Does Walmart Do Money Orders? (All You Need to Know)

Does Walmart Do Money Orders

Money orders are one of the most reliable ways to transfer money, especially if you don’t have access to other payment methods or want to remain anonymous. Since Walmart is one of the most popular retail stores in the US, many people might wonder – does Walmart do money orders?  Lucky for you, we got the answer. 

Does Walmart Do Money Orders?

Walmart does offer money orders through MoneyGram at their Money Service Centers. They are available at thousands of Walmart locations across the US, including Walmart Neighborhood Markets and Walmart Supercenters. 

Walmart can charge you a maximum $1 fee per money order, making them one of the cheapest options. However, if you want to send more than $1000 in a single money order, you must make multiple purchases with the order limit set at $1000. 

How Do You Buy a Money Order at Walmart?

Buying a Walmart money order is fast and easy. All you need to do is visit the Walmart Money Service Center at your local Walmart store. 

To find your nearest Walmart store that offers money services, use Walmart’s Store Finder tool. Make sure you apply the “Money Services” filter and click “Apply” before searching for the nearest location. There, you will see the operating hours and contact numbers of Walmart Money Service Centers in your area. 

Once you know the Walmart Money Service Center’s operating hours, you can visit during the designated times and ask the Walmart staff to sell you a Walmart Money Order. They will then ask you to fill out a money order form and provide them with the required amount of money you want to send, plus the transaction fee (usually $1). 

Walmart accepts only cash and debit cards to purchase Walmart Money Orders. So, no credit cards, Walmart gift cards, or checks are allowed. Therefore, make sure you have enough cash or money on your debit card to complete the purchase. 

Once you have completed all these steps, a Walmart associate will provide you with a receipt, which is your proof of payment. And there you have it! 

What Is Walmart’s Money Order Limit?

Walmart money orders are convenient and easy to use, but they come with certain limits that you should be aware of before you use them. Walmart’s money order limit is $1,000 per transaction. So in case you need more than $1,000 for your payment, you will need to make multiple Walmart money order purchases. 

Do You Need an ID When Purchasing a Money Order?

Generally, Walmart does not require any ID proof when you purchase money orders. However, they reserve the right to ask for ID proof or other documents whenever they deem it necessary.

That being said, for money order purchases over $1000, Walmart may ask you to provide valid photo identification proof. Again, this is just a security measure to prevent fraudulent purchases. 

The valid forms of identification Walmart money service centers accept include a state-issued driver’s license, passport, military ID card, or any other government-issued photo ID. 

So, if you’re buying multiple Walmart money orders, it’s best to be prepared with the necessary identification documents. 

How Much Does a Money Order Cost?

Walmart states that their money orders cost a maximum of $1 per transaction. However, the exact amount varies depending on your Walmart location, and it may be even lower than $1. 

Walmart’s money orders are among the lowest in the industry, making Walmart one of the most affordable options available. 

Can You Cash Money Orders at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart also allows you to cash money orders at their Money Services Centers. That comes in handy when you receive money orders from someone else and need to get cash for them. 

To cash a money order at Walmart, you’ll have to pay the same transaction fee as when buying one. But, again, Walmart’s money order fee is usually $1 or less, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much. 

Can You Get a Refund for a Money Order at Walmart?

If you find yourself in a situation where you no longer need the money order, Walmart does offer you an option to return it for a full refund. 

The only condition is that your order must still be intact and blank, meaning you have not written any name on it. If that checks out, Walmart will simply refund you the full amount that is mentioned on the money order, provided you have the receipt. 

Do You Need to Keep Your Money Order Receipt?

That’s a definite yes! Walmart Money Order receipts are your proof of payment, so they should be kept safe in case you ever need them for any reason, such as to prove you have sent the money order out or to request a refund. 

Additionally, if you need to contact MoneyGram about your money order, you’ll need the number on your receipt to do so. Therefore, Walmart Money Order receipts are an important part of the money order process and need to be kept safe.

Can You Buy International Money Orders at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart Money Services Centers allows you to send international money orders. In addition, Walmart works with Western Union and MoneyGram to process international transactions. 

However, before you purchase a Walmart international money order, you’ll need to ensure that the person or company receiving the money order is able to cash it in their country. 

Since each financial institution may have its own policy in place regarding international money orders, it’s best to double-check before you make the purchase. Plus, if there’s a currency exchange involved, Walmart may also add an additional fee for the conversion. 

So if you’re planning on sending an international Walmart Money Order, it’s wise to do your research first and double-check the receiver’s terms and conditions.

Can You Track a Walmart Money Order?

Yes, Walmart money orders can be tracked if you have the money order number. That’s where money order receipts come in handy again; the money order number is printed on the receipt, so make sure you keep it safe. 

You can check the status of your money orders on the MoneyGram website. Just enter all the required details, and you’ll be able to track the progress of your order. For example, if it has been cashed, you should see that information on the MoneyGram website. 

What If You Lose Your Money Order?

Since Walmart uses MoneyGram to process money orders, you’ll need to contact the MoneyGram support team directly. They’ll be able to tell if it’s been cashed or not and will be able to help you file a claim if it hasn’t. 

Final Thoughts

Walmart Money Orders are a great way to send or receive money, especially if you’re looking for an affordable option. With Walmart’s low fees and the ability to track your money orders, Walmart is a great choice for anyone looking to send or receive money quickly and securely. 

If you’re curious about other stores that offer money orders, check out our blog post on CVS money orders. Thank you for reading!

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