Dove Mission Statement Analysis

Dove is an American personal care brand that started its journey in 1957. However, it is owned by a  British MNC. The company got the highlights by introducing soap bars that had mild cleaners, and 1/4th of it is a moisturizing cream. The idea revolutionized the soap bar market and led to the rise of Dove as one of the leading names. The company has been trying to shut down unrealistic beauty standards and make beauty non-intimidating. The company continues to innovate its products and has come up with baby products. In addition, Dove is also working towards environmental sustainability. Also, Dove doesn’t test any of its products on animals. 

dove mission and vision

Dove Mission Statement

The Dove Mission Statement as given on is, “To encourage all women and girls to develop a positive relationship with beauty, helping to raise their self-esteem, and thereby enabling them to realize their full potential.

As per, Dove’s mission statement is “Our goal is to make a positive experience of beauty accessible to all women.”

Dove’s Self Esteem Project mission is “To help the next generation of women realize their full potential.

The company wants to combine a sense of self-love and self-worthiness through its products and initiatives. They want the people to have a positive approach to the way they look. Here are the key highlights of Dove’s mission statements and philosophy:

  1. Dove wants to make beauty a source of happiness and confidence.
  2. Dove attaches positivity to beauty.
  3. The company believes that beauty is unique, and every woman must feel confident about her beauty.
  4. Also, Dove wants to encourage body positivity through its self-esteem project.
  5. Dove’s philosophy of loving oneself is reflected in its advertising strategies.
  6. As per Unilever’s site, “We invite all women to experience beauty on their own terms by engaging them with products that deliver superior care.”

Dove Vision Statement

The Dove vision statement as given on is “We believe beauty should be a source of confidence and not anxiety.”

Dove’s vision focuses on making one confident and not anxious when it comes to the way one looks.

As per Dove, women of all shapes, sizes, and ages are beautiful and one must consider their beauty as a brand.

Dove started the self-esteem project to imbibe a feeling of positivity in the way a woman looks. To support this, Dove has also partnered with psychologists to create an evidence-based program encouraging body positivity.  They believe that “Beauty is not defined by shape, size or color – it’s authentic.” 

Dove Core Values

Dove’s website doesn’t mention a clear set of core values, but what we can decipher from their mission and vision is that Dove’s core values are based on the feeling of self-esteem and pride in oneself. Moreover, Dove focuses on following the practice of equality and positivity. Their self-esteem project aims at the same. 


Dove mission and vision aim at breaking the fake beauty standards. This renowned personal care brand wants women to celebrate their unique beauty and have confidence in themselves. Their products are embraced well by women worldwide due to their quality and the company’s ideology that believes in the beauty of all women in the world.

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