Dyson Mission Statement Analysis

Dyson is one of the most popular British technology companies in the United Kingdom. In 1991, James Dyson, the founder of Dyson Company, started designing and manufacturing electric gadgets useful for households. Over some time, Dyson evolved as one of the most popular brands in household electronic goods. 

dyson mission statement

Talking about Dyson’s history, when James Dyson lost his job, his company owners thought someone other than Hoover and Electrolux cannot invent a better version of vacuum cleaners. However, James already had a good design of cyclonic vacuum development. But, he needed a considerable amount of money to work on the machines. Jeremy Fry came forward and invested 49% of the expenses. He made 5127 prototype designs in five years. Even though his first machine was successful, he had to struggle to get a license. Hoover being the most popular company of that time, refused to license James Dyson’s model due to the fear of losing their profits in the market.

In 1983, James Dyson sold 500 units of his designed Kleeneze Rotork Cyclon. Kleeneze Rotork Cyclon was the first vacuum design from Dyson to get publicity. Even though Dyson was still on the way to get a license, in 1984, he sent all confidential information to Amway. Amway dropped the deal but released a design similar to Dyson’s plan in 1985. However, Amway had to take down the machine because of the patent infringement claims from Dyson.

More than 15000 people are currently working in the company with a revenue of $7.3 billion as of 2019. After all these things James had to face as an engineer, he wants to make a comprehensive and smooth road for the next generation of engineers.

Dyson’s mission behind creating such outstanding machines is to solve people’s problems. The company encourages the new generation of engineers to think innovatively. Engineers are the ones who solve the problems of the world. In the words of James Dyson, people at Dyson come together to work and make better technology rather than just focusing on making money. 

Dyson has always focused on promoting innovativeness and developing pioneering new technological development. The company emphasizes three core values: be brave to explore new things, curiosity, and excitement to discover new things. To provide outstanding technology to the people, Dyson also focuses on transforming itself while keeping the spirit of continuous improvement and desire to achieve perfection alive. With the help of a logical approach and ingenious thinking, the company has made some amazing developments. Let’s understand Dyson mission and vision statement in detail.

Dyson Mission Statement

As one of the biggest British technology companies, Dyson believes in its slogan that says engineers are the world’s problem solvers. To tackle 21st-century challenges like air pollution, we need more of them. 

Dyson mission statement is “To inspire a new generation of engineers. It provides money, materials, and mentorship so that young people can get hands-on with problems – and learn how to solve them.” 

Let’s discuss the various components of Dyson mission statement in detail.


Every budding engineer dares to do wonders; if they get the right inspiration, they will make the dream technologies come true. Dyson always looks for better facilities for the new generation engineers and innovative ideas. Dyson wants to create products that can solve the day-to-day problems of households.


Innovative thoughts are not enough to reach bigger goals. Getting mental, financial, and material support is essential for anyone, and that’s what the Dyson foundation provides. James foundation believes that children are the most creative people on Earth. It takes encouragement and support to grow the seeds of innovation with them.

Build Something Better 

The company always encourages its employees to think about something better than yesterday and provide the best machines to meet 21st-century challenges. The company follows in the footsteps of its founder, James Dyson. Everyone who works in Dyson does not necessarily have to be an engineer, but they must have intelligence like one. Engineers only work to give wings to their innovative ideas and make it easy for people to live a smooth life in the 21st century with quality products.

Dyson Vision Statement

Dyson vision statement implies that with the help of technology, they can improve everything. The company’s vision is also reflected in its aim to inspire the upcoming generation of engineers. Besides, it also emphasizes continuously improving its technology. In simple words, when engineers step into Dyson, they create something new and develop new technology for a better life. No matter how innovative products they have in their collection, they believe that it is possible to improve it. Dyson encourages people to think differently than others to find a better solution to a problem.

Efficiency is the DNA of every person involved with Dyson Company. Dyson wants their employees to work not because they have to but because they love to work here. Dyson is a canvas that allows engineers to color it with their inventions and innovations. As a result, Dyson provides opportunities for engineers all around the world.

Lastly, it shows Dyson company provides materials, mentorship, and money, everything an aspiring engineer will need to get their hands on problems. The goal is to encourage the new engineers to face the difficulties and learn to solve them. It also runs classes and workshops to promote innovative thinking amongst the children and students. 

Dyson Core Values 

The company is about innovation, and its core values lie in three different points discussed below.

Brave thinkers 

They always think and encourage new engineers to think differently. Having a different thought than others lead to a better solution to problems.


The eagerness to discover new things makes Dyson what it is today. The company has always promoted its engineers to look beyond limitations and discover outstanding technologies that simplify the task and improve life.

Excited to discover new things 

An organization needs to be excited and enthusiastic about its work and combine the same ideology in its workforce. Dyson does the same; not only it applauds new development, but the people here are always excited to look for new technologies, creating a benchmark of success.


Dyson is a name synonymous with innovation and development. The company has pushed the boundaries of engineering and showcased how technological development can pave the way for a better life. Dyson mission and vision are to create a new line of engineers who think of new ideas and innovation and are guided by intelligence. 

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