Edward Jones Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Edward Jones mission statement is “to help individuals achieve their serious, long-term financial goals while understanding their needs and implementing tailored solutions.” The company shows that it recognizes the importance of financial freedom and the obscurities for individuals to do so in this statement. It helps them by offering:

  1. Distinguished services
  2. Improving communities

Acknowledging the role of investment is crucial for anyone looking to remain in control over their life or business. Edward Jones understands how complex the process is, and that is why it offers different account options for individuals to choose from in this investment journey. The company takes care of a variety of financial objectives ranging from education saving strategy to retirement plans. Doing this creates some form of insurance for its clients, offering them an opportunity to develop themselves and improve their quality of life.


Edward Jones is a privately owned company in America legendary for its shrewdness in financial and investment options for its clients. For close to a century, this firm has transformed the fortunes of individuals, giving them financial security due to its diligence in investment strategies as guided by its mission and vision statements. Corporate statements are invaluable as they guide a company towards the future, while at the same time enabling it to get appropriate management approaches through the mission.

In this case of Edward Jones, the company has equally gained from its corporate mission and vision statements, as well as its core values. The vision statement of Edward Jones, for instance, has been influential in the futuristic attitude of this company. On the other hand, the mission statement is concerned about the professional financial assistance that the company extends to its clients. Together with the core values, these corporate statements make Edward Jones the organization it is today.

Vision Statement

Edward Jones is yet to publish an official vision statement. Despite its absence, the company is not devoid of a vision. It, in fact, remains focused on establishing itself as a dependable financial investment advisor.

Its investment philosophy that underscores “long-term investing with an emphasis on quality and diversification,” is a reflection of the vision that the company pursues. Based on this, it has won the confidence of many investors, serving over 7 million in America alone.

Core Values

Edward Jones core values include “client’s interest first, partnership, respect for individual contributions, and quality-oriented and long-term philosophy.”

The company states that these are the elements that distinguish it from other competitors. They are the foundation that makes it a preferential investment company not only to invest but also to work for.


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