Enterprise Car Rental Senior Discount Requirements, Details, and Other Ways to Save!

Enterprise Car Rental senior discount

Enterprise car rental is one of the best options in the US when it comes to reliability and comfort. And if you’re a senior citizen who travels every now and then, you might wonder whether this famous car rental company offers senior discounts! Or maybe you want to know if the Enterprise car rental senior discount is available in 2023?

Many American businesses like restaurants, stores, and car rentals offer special senior discounts to help the elderly. Keep reading for everything you want to know about the company senior discount.

Does Enterprise Car Rental Have a Senior Discount in 2023?

Unfortunately, there is no specific Enterprise car rental senior discount or any partnership of the company with AARP in 2023. But, the unavailability of the senior discount doesn’t mean you can’t travel on a budget with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

You can also avail yourself of other promotional deals, offers, and discounts offered by Enterprise and enjoy your trips and car rentals at almost half the actual prices! Or maybe you’d want to choose alternate options like Hertz, Sixt, and Ace to get senior-specific discounts. 

So, are you interested to know more about the other ways to save with Enterprise Rent-A-Car? As always, we have you covered! Read on!

Other Ways to Save For Seniors at Enterprise Car Rentals

Here is a complete list of some of the best ways for seniors to make the most of their money with Enterprise car rental:

1. Enterprise Deals Page

The Enterprise Deals page is a treasure trove for anyone looking for discounted car rentals. The company frequently updates this page with ongoing promotional discounts, deals, and offers. 

You will find everything from percent-off discounts to attractive packages and deals on the Deals page. Since this page is updated time-to-time, we recommend you keep visiting it to learn about current deals and offers. You can even make an advance reservation for a trip you need to take months later, just in case you find a deal you don’t want to miss. 

2. Enterprise Government and Military Discount

Enterprise car rentals also offer discounts and deals for government and military officials. All the active-duty members and veterans of the US government and military can get a 5% discount and some other perks for leisure travel and official trips. Here is a complete list of officials that can enjoy this discount:

  1. Army and Army Reserves
  2. Airforce and Airforce Reserves
  3. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserves
  4. Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserves
  5. Naby and Navy Reserves
  6. National Guard (Army and Airforce)
  7. All government officials

Keep in mind that the minimum age limit to avail of this discount is 21 years. Also, you can conveniently make the reservation online or through a call by referring to Government/Military discount. But be sure to carry a valid Government or Military ID at the pick-up time as the last step!

3. Enterprise Plus Loyalty Program

Enterprise car rental’s Plus Loyalty Program is yet another excellent way to cut your travel costs. This program allows you to earn points and claim rewards by spending cash on Enterprise car rentals. You make one point with every dollar you spend. The more money you spend on rentals, the more points you get. 

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them to enjoy discounted rates on car rentals, free upgrades, and even free rental days. This is not the end of benefits. You can also get perks like no blackout dates; no restriction on choosing days. The best part? The membership in the Enterprise Plus Loyalty program is absolutely free! Just visit their website and sign up.

4. Opt for Weekday Rentals

It’s no secret that weekday rentals are generally much cheaper than weekend rentals in the US. The same is the case with Enterprise car rental. So, try to plan your leisure or official trip on weekdays instead of weekends if your schedule is flexible. This way, you will find cars at almost half the typical weekend rates.

5. Turn Off the GPS

Did you know that Enterprise car rental charge extra for GPS? The paid GPS option is always included in every type of car rental, and sometimes people forget to exclude it and end up paying more. Remember to tell them you don’t need a GPS with your car rental – especially if you have a smartphone. You can use Google Maps for every location and conveniently connect it to your car through Bluetooth or cable. 

6. Sign Up for Enterprise Emails

Do you want to be the first to know about all the company’s new promotional deals and discounts? Consider signing up for the Enterprise Email specials. This way, you won’t have to frequently check the company’s website; the offers will land right in your inbox when announced. Also, signing up for the emails is absolutely free.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts

Since there is no specific Enterprise car rental senior discount, here are some similar companies and Enterprise competitors that offer specific senior discounts for their customers:

  • Hertz: This car rental offers a 20% discount on car rentals for senior citizens aged 50 or above.
  • Sixt: This company offers a 5% discount on car rentals for seniors aged 50 or above.
  • Ace: Senior customers and travelers aged 50 or above can enjoy a 10% discount on car rentals with Ace.


There is no specific Enterprise car rental senior discount available in 2023. However, seniors can save money by visiting the Enterprise deals page, availing of the military & government discount, joining the plus loyalty program, and signing up for email subscriptions. Skipping the GPS option on car rentals and opting for weekday rentals can also help reduce your cost.

If you are looking for similar car rental companies with senior discounts, you may want to check Hertz, Sixt, or Ace!

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