Enterprise Holdings Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Enterprise Holdings’ mission statement is “to be the best transportation service provider in the world, to exceed customers’ expectations for service, quality and value, to provide employees with a great place to work, to serve communities as a committed corporate citizen.” In this statement, the corporation declares the importance of not settling for less in anything it does. It shows that its focus is on being the best, including in service delivery. It remains consistent with the early philosophy of Taylor, the founder who stated that take care of your customers and employees first, and profits will follow.  The mission statement has these main points.

  1. Improving communities
  2. Exceeding expectations

At Enterprise Holdings, the priority is on how the business can put a smile on the face of everyone it comes in contact with. The company does this by strictly maintaining top-tier quality services. It ensures that everything it does has a purpose that not only contributes to its growth but also spills the goodness over to society. Moreover, the generous donations and active involvement in community-building initiatives are evidence that it does more.


The mission and vision statements of Enterprise Holdings represent a company that is passionate about what it does. The focus of these corporate statements is about the ability of this company to inspire growth by playing its leadership role right in the transportation service industry.

The book definition of a corporate vision statement is a roadmap for where a business growth trend is heading. In this case, the vision statement by Enterprise Holdings points at the prominence the business has achieved so far, and the immense potential that it still possesses.

On the other hand, the mission statement is defined as a declaration of the strategies that would make a company a success. In the case of Enterprise Holdings, the mission statement emphasizes on its leadership and the impact it has on all its clients.

Ever since 1957 when Jack Taylor started it, Enterprise Holdings has maintained its core values despite the changing business landscape. Such a consistency in practices it considers critical is an indicator of the quality customers get from Enterprise Holdings.

Such a consistency in practices it considers critical is an indicator of the quality customers get from Enterprise Holdings.

Vision Statement

Enterprise Holdings’ vision statement is “to empower and lead the transportation industry.” While this is not the official vision statement, it embodies everything the company wants to achieve. That is why the following points represent this statement:

  1. Empowering
  2. Leading

Since its early days, Enterprise Holdings has remained at the forefront in demonstrating what inclusive and top working conditions look like. By doing this, it has singled itself out in the transportation service industry as the leader. This is something that its uncontainable influence confirms.

Core Values

Enterprise Holdings’ core values include “open doors, personal honesty, community strengthening and remaining fun and friendly. The presence of these guiding principles has aided this company to create a culture among its employees that boost its progressive growth. This is supported by the mission and vision statements of this corporation.


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