EY Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

EY mission statement is “building a better working world.” The statement shows that EY is determined to do everything to excel and leave notable impacts wherever it operates. This statement has the following points:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Global reach

At EY, meeting all the needs of the clients with perfection is a priority. That is why the company emphasizes the need for professionalism from all its workforce. In fact, EY makes it clear that it is part of the transformative age as it remains in control of its performance to drive growth. While leading in enabling the customers to achieve their financial and other capital ambitions, EY ensures that its reach goes beyond the UK to other parts of the globe through expansion.


Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the leading accounting and consulting film globally. It competes at the top with KPMG and Deloitte. The rise of EY in the professional services niche has a lot to do with its mission and vision statements. Since 1989, EY has shown its commitment to the focus of these two corporate statements by prioritizing growing together with the people it serves.

A corporate vision statement determines what a company wants to achieve in the long term. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement identifies the approaches that would drive the company towards the vision. In this case analysis of EY, the vision statement emphasizes on the leadership and dependable nature of the company. The mission statement identifies the critical area that the company impacts to drive growth. EY also draws significant influence from its core values. They enable the company to remain focused on its goals and purposes.

Vision Statement

EY vision statement is “we’re building the workplace of the future at EY a place that’s smarter, more inclusive, more dynamic and more flexible.” The focus of this statement is the provision of better working environments as an ingredient for the overall growth of the company. The statement has the following components:

  1. Targeting workplaces
  2. Improving the future

EY acknowledges the power of a motivated workforce. It uses this knowledge to its advantage by constantly improving the experiences of its professionals, and this translates to the impressive performance of the company. The outcome is that clients also become satisfied.

Core Values

EY core values comprise “future-mindedness, integrity, respect, and teamwork.”

With these values, EY has become a sought-after company due to the uniqueness and quality of its services. The culture that continues to form in this corporation show potential ideal for future success as well.


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