FAU (Florida Atlantic University) medical school Mission and Vision Statements Analysis


FAU (Florida Atlantic University) medical school is a recently accredited institution in the U.S. The facility has earned the confidence of both the students and the society through its commitment to social wellness and promotion of health. Its mission and vision statements are at the forefront of these achievements as they emphasize on transformative leadership by the institution. A corporate vision statement is a tool that sets a futuristic goal for a company to work towards. It works hand in hand with a corporate mission statement that determines the strategies to realize the vision.

In this case of FAU medical school, the vision statement underscores the importance of focus and determination in the growth of the facility. On the other hand, the mission statement is all about the care experiences that the communities draw from the training that this college offers. To enhance its success, FAU medical school has a set of core values that guide its activities. They propel the college towards the achievement of the mission and vision.

Mission Statement

FAU medical school mission statement is “to advance the health and well-being of our community by training future generations of humanistic clinicians and scientists and translating discovery to patient-centered care.” The statement relates to the highlighted components:

  1. Improving health
  2. Improving communities

To provide high-quality training, FAU (Florida Atlantic University) medical school applies an integrated system of learning where its scholars are constantly exposed to real-life cases to prepare them to serve the public.  In fact, the school is widely known through the innovativeness of the curriculum that it applies. Such an approach disseminates patient-centered and humanistic care skills that boost health outcomes. The close partnership that this facility has with the health systems within its neighborhood shows that it is ever committed to contributing to the improvement of the society.

Vision Statement

FAU medical school vision statement is yet to be published. The institution, however, states that it is “dedicated to integrating discovery with health care and education in order to contribute to the vitality of our immediate communities, to improve the health and well-being of people and populations, and to transform community-based health care.”

This is the type of leadership that FAU medical school accentuates. In fact, the institution has organized its management and all other departments to ensure that they contribute towards this journey.

Core Values

FAU medical school core values comprise “innovation, collaboration, compassion, respect, engagement, and lifelong learning.” The presence of these values has transformed FAU medical school into one of the most sought-after institutions in American due to the healthy environment it offers.


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