FBLA’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

FBLA Mission Statement


Future Business Leaders of America, often known as FBLA, is an American-based student organization. It helps students to understand the technical aspects of business and makes them aware of the real world. It was established in 1940 by Hamden L. Forkner Sr. and was located in Reston, Virginia.

It is a non-profit organization that supports the education system of the country. It helps professional students, students of high school, middle school, and college students. FBLA stands as the largest non-profit students’ organization across the globe. Under the US Department Education System, it is among the top ten student organization. 

March Of Dimes is the charity partner for the FBLA and provides funds of $1000 and $2500 for local and state chapters, respectively. The basic aim behind this is to promote students’ goals and help them create a better professional career. 

FBLA’s Mission Statement

The FBLA mission statement is “Inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.” 

The mission statement mentioned on FBLA-PBL Professional Division Handbook is similar and it states “FBLA-PBL is the premier student business association. Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.”

Both these mission statements point towards the fact that FBLA wants to create a suitable environment for education and business. It believes that people would collectively grow as one and help the community prosper; they aim to do so by providing innovative ideas and strategies that correlate the two sectors. It wants to inspire the business leaders of tomorrow by providing them with all the support and assistance. So that they can work together for the greater good of every citizen and the American business culture, let us understand some of the key factors that form the mission statement of FBLA.

  • Imparting Leadership Qualities

It aims to develop competent leadership qualities in individuals that would build the structure of the business and help it grow. This is done by boosting the confidence of the students through mock sessions. And also presenting them with real-world scenarios so that they could understand how the actual business world works. This will help the business and be beneficial for the individual to improve their professional career. 

  • Understanding of business enterprises in America

FBLA’s mission statement clearly states that it wants to create a better understanding among the citizens as well as students, about the business enterprises in America. It wants to help students and professionals develop their businesses. So that collectively, they all would improve the local businesses, as well as the business community.

  • Develop a feeling of patriotism

FBLA helps in improving the character and encouraging students as well as citizens to foster patriotism. This helps in improving the American business standards and helping everyone to grow together as a community.  

  • Money management

FBLA aims to encourage businesses and individuals to practice money management. This is done by making them aware of the different management strategies and techniques that would help them, best use their resources, and manage their funds which can help the business make more profit.

  • Transition from academics to profession 

FBLA has programs for both college students as well as middle school students. They provide scholarship programs that help in promoting the student’s loyalty towards the school. In this way, they inculcate in students the skills and knowledge to help them transition to their professional careers. This also helps in creating an occupational goal among students. 

FBLA’s Vision Statement

There is no explicit FBLA vision statement on the website. However, based on internet research, it can be deciphered that the vision or dream of the organization is primarily based on students and business associations working together and evolving together. They want to create awareness among the students for different metrics of American businesses. Let us delve into the vision of FBLA in more detail.

  • Educational Right of Students

FBLA believes that it is the right of every student to earn a living for themselves, as education sets the reforms for future career aspects and earnings. And thus, it envisions creating awareness for education in every citizen to benefit themselves, which will also add to the American community.

  • Cooperation between business industries

The firm believes that the future scope of a business depends upon the understanding between different business organizations. Along with the educational institutes, laborers, and people related to different aspects of a business. 

  • Skilled Occupation

FBLA believes that every citizen should develop an effective profession for themselves. They aim to help everyone understand that they have the right to make themselves professionally abled, to earn themselves a living. Additionally, this occupation should help them grow financially to contribute to the well-being of the community. And also work to promote important aspects of a community which may be political, social, or communal.

  • Adding value to the community

FBLA believes that by educating people, they can help them understand their worth in the global world. They wish to make people aware that they are responsible for shaping the education and business world. And that they have direct influence to do their best and give something to the greater community along with themselves.

FBLA’s Core Values 

The FBLA core values are to develop better ethics and moral codes for students. As well as making them aware of the business ethics in America. Therefore, let us understand the core values of FBLA.

  • Honesty and Sincerity

FBLA believes in honesty and sincerity, and it also nurtures the same in the students so that they implement the same in their profession. It helps them understand their responsibility and duty towards their country. And how their professional careers and growth will be beneficial for America.

  • Building confidence 

Confidence is the key to success and to ensure that each of the students also imbibes the same quality. FBL ensures that their students and professionals with the confidence to trust their skills and complete any task with quality and efficiency. This allows them to maintain high standards for businesses in America and build a name in the global market. 

  • Giving something to the business community

The most important factor of FBLA’s mission and vision is guiding its students to be humble and give back to the country. This will help in improving the community as a whole and grow towards a better future. 


The FBLA is a non-profit organization that helps students to understand their professional responsibilities. This helps in making them business leaders, which consequently helps the business culture of America. The key areas on which FBLA focuses are leadership development, educational programs, community service, membership benefits, and academic competition. Their objective is to helps the students develop a better future and life.

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