FCA Mission Statement

fca mission statement

FCA, or the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is an organization that has been working for the past 65 years. As their website says FCA = Faith + Sports, the organization works towards promoting two passions, faith and sports. The organization has more than 2300 members in field offices globally. This US Christian sports ministry encourages coaches and athletes to bring about change for the sake of Christ. They also believe in the 4 FCA Ministry Fundamentals that are Share, Seek, Lead, and Love. Here we have analyzed the FCA mission and vision along with core values in detail.

fca mission statement

FCA Mission Statement 

FCA mission statement is “To lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.”

This mission statement showcases how bonding with Jesus and developing a connection with Him can help coaches and athletes progress and excel. They aim at making the athletes understand the teachings of Jesus and propagate the same idea ahead, thereby bringing positive transformations in the community.  

Today, young people need a role model with strong moral and spiritual values that will help them overcome various sports and life-related challenges. They encourage athletes to grow their faith and guides coaches to have faith to lead others. 

FCA Balance Vision

FCA vision statement says, “To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.” In accordance with this, Billy Graham once stated said, “A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.” 

The FCA vision statement emphasizes the importance of the coaches and athletes and how they can play a key role to bring transformation in society. FCA engages, empowers, and equips coaches and athletes to get close to Christ and encourages people to follow the same path. 

FCA also follows a “To and Through the Coach” strategy to attain its mission and vision. It first reaches and convinces coaches’ hearts and families and when they are on the path of Jesus and understands the whole concept, they try to reach other coaches, teams, and athlete leaders to spread the same message and bring a positive change. To sum it up, they transcend the ideology from one coach to another and further to their team and leaders.  

FCA Core Values  

The FCA core values highlight that they are committed to Jesus Christ and His Word by following them. They are:

  • Integrity: The organization focuses on following Christ-like qualities, being faithful and abiding by one’s word.
  • Serving: FCA wants their coaches/leaders to devote their time and energy to people associated with them, follow the path of Jesus, serve others, and build trust. 
  • Teamwork: FCA believes in working selflessly by focusing on Unity in Christ, i.e. being one with Him. 
  • Excellence: FCA advocates seeing the glory of Christ in everything they do and working towards excellence. 

Each of these values is inspired by the Bible, and it encourages the members to follow these values similar to Christ. Following these values is not merely limited to oneself, but also ensures it transcends through the family, friends, and community.  


FCA mission, vision, and core values suggest that through the teachings and ideologies of Christ they want athletes and coaches to give their best and achieve the best for themselves and the community as a whole. 

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