FIU (Florida International University) Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

FIU mission statement is “By providing an environment enhanced by diversity, clinical innovation and research, Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine prepare socially accountable, community-based physicians, scientists, and health professionals who are uniquely qualified to transform the health of patients and communities.” The statement emphasizes on the importance of qualified healthcare professionals to the wellness of the communities. It has these two main parts:

  1. Distinguished training
  2. Improving health

The first component wipes out any doubts about the quality of training offered at FIU. The resources, experts, and intensive approach to the dissemination of appropriate skills is what has gifted this institution with numerous accreditations. It is now recognized globally as a reputable school whose graduates are competent enough to handle any health cases. The university does this by offering several degrees and programs suited to change the future of the medical practice. Such high-quality training assures the public of improved health care, which translates to better communities as shown in the second component.


Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (FIU) was launched in 2006 in Florida as part of the 26 colleges of Florida International University. Since then, it has continued to flourish in achieving its goals and objectives as guided by its mission and vision statements. Corporate statements have become invaluable for organizations due to their influence on development and growth. For FIU, they have equally been important with the corporate vision statement identifying a future for the institution, while the corporate mission statement lays out the most appropriate strategies for achieving it.

The vision statement of FIU (Florida International University) emphasizes on the difference that it makes in advancing the health of the people it serves. Its mission statement contributes to the vision by ensuring that it offers the best skills and knowledge through its programs. FIU has gained so much recognition due to its overall culture dictated by its core values. These values indirectly contribute to the realization of the mission and vision of the institution.

Vision Statement

FIU vision statement is “Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine is a national leader in transforming the health of communities through its purposeful integration of education, research and clinical care.” The statement has the following parts:

  1. National leader
  2. Transforming communities

To ensure that it sets and maintains high standards of medical education, FIU (Florida International University) has a well-structured system that oversees all the activities in the institution. The college particularly values the role of research in the medical sector, and therefore, supports it fully to lead other institutions in the discovery of advanced related knowledge. Just as shown in the second part, succeeding in this endeavor keeps it a step ahead of the rest in stimulating better health outcomes in societies.

Core Values

FIU core values comprise “scholarship, innovation, inclusion, integrity, and service.” These are the guiding principles that influence the progress of FIU.

They are crucial in shaping the growth trend as they affect the internal environment of FIU, which in turn, determines the rate and direction of development of the institution.


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