Fred Meyer Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Fred Meyer Senior Discount

Fred Meyer is a one-stop destination for your shopping needs; you can buy clothes, fresh products, accessories, shoes, home improvement items, electronics, and groceries from them. You can also avail 10% Fred Meyer discount for senior citizens if you are over 55.

This coupon is applicable to clothes, shoes, home goods, jewelry, and private brand groceries. The first Tuesday of each month is considered the Senior Event Day at Fred Meyer. There are some additional bonus days available when you can avail such senior discounts on your purchase at Fred Meyer.   

What Is Fred Meyer Senior Discount?

Fred Meyer senior discount is for the people who have crossed 55 years of age. They can avail Fred Meyer coupon of 10% discount on various items. They can purchase clothes, groceries, electronics, home appliances, and goods for kids with these coupons for shopping offered by the hypermarket.  

However, online shoppers should know the hours for seniors before they place their orders. If you are eligible for a Fred Meyer discount for senior citizens, you need to redeem your coupons on Fred Meyer senior discount days. Normally, Fred Meyer offers this option on the first Tuesday of each month, but they have some bonus days as well. Therefore, you must check the emails to keep track of such dates.

Most interestingly, senior discount programs can be merged with other discounts and offers available at Fred Meyer shops. So, you can avail of the existing offer available at Fred Meyer supermarket and redeem your 10% off coupon to save more on your total purchase amount.

Why Fred Meyer Discount for Senior Citizens?

Want to know, “Is there a senior discount for Fred Meyer? Yes, the Fred Meyer senior discount age is 55+, and thus you can get a 10% discount coupon code and redeem it on senior discount days if you match the age criteria. The discount on purchases will help you save huge, especially when you are a shopaholic and buy in bulk from a hypermarket like Fred Meyer. Discounts for seniors offered by Fred Meyer can save your money and give you a chance to keep your savings intact.

Hence, you can buy beans, rice, salt, wines, tea, coffee, vegetable oils, pasta, noodles, butter, dried meat, powdered milk, and other daily essentials from Fred Meyer with pleasure. You can store these items for months to run your house smoothly. During this pandemic, the prices of everyday essentials are shooting high, and people, especially senior citizens, cannot afford to buy their daily requirements at a high cost.

Do not worry anymore; now you can avail of discounts for seniors and get 10% off on your entire purchase from Fred Meyer. Make sure you visit the store during special hours and place your coupon at the time of purchase. Thus, to get your discount codes, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.  

How to Get Fred Meyer Senior Discount?

  • You can download the manufacturer’s rewards card. For this, you can visit the official website of Fred Meyer –, or you can use their mobile app to choose the offers that you want. Then load these offers to your reward card and scan your reward card during checkout to avail of special discounts on select items
  • Fred Meyer is one of the largest grocery stores in the world, and they offer digital coupons to senior citizens. You can download such digital coupons from their website and load the coupons directly to your Shopper card. In simple words,  you can add your coupons from their website or mobile app to your Shopper card and redeem your coupons during the checkout. To avail of their digital coupons, you can visit
  • If you want to purchase any items from their store, you can bring these coupons with a valid photo for ID proof. You can scan your shopper’s card in-store and use your ID card to get a discount to seniors. The voucher will automatically be applied to your purchase, and you will find this information on your receipt.

Fred Meyer offers a discount to customers and has different kinds of promotional offers on various products. You can avail of their existing offers along with your senior citizen coupons. They have an exclusive discount code for senior citizens, and senior shoppers are suggested to carry valid ID proof while shopping at Fred Meyer. You can carry any government-issued ID proof where your full name and date of birth are clearly mentioned. Your birth certificate, passport, or any state-issued ID card are other documents that would be needed to avail 10 percent discount on the selected products.

Fred Meyer FAQs

How to redeem digital coupons of Fred Meyer?

You can use digital coupons of Fred Meyer from their official website or mobile app. Add your coupon from their website to your shopping card and redeem your coupons during checkout. You can find a wide range of products at Fred Meyer, having exclusive offers for shopping for seniors. You can get an additional 10% discount along with their in-store offers, and you need to add such coupons to your shopper’s card and scan your card at any store of Fred Meyer. The coupon will be applied automatically, and you can find such details on your receipt.

At Fred Meyer’s online store, you need to create a digital account to shop online. To avail of their offers, you need to link your Shopper’s card with your account. You can click on your “Profile information” section and choose “Shopper’s card number”. Enter your shopper’s card number and link your account with your card. If you do not have their Shopper’s card, then you can get it free of cost from

For how long the digital coupons are available?

You will find the start and end date of the offer on such coupons, and you need to redeem your coupons within this period mentioned on your coupons.


Fred Meyer is one of the largest grocery store chains in the world, where you can find everything under one roof. According to the senior discount policy, Fred Meyer offers a 10% discount for senior citizens who are over 55 years of age. So, you can redeem your coupons on eligible items, and you need to buy your goods during their shopping hours. So, grab exciting senior discounts!

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