Does Fry’s Price Match? Understand The Price Match Policy At Fry’s In Detail

Price match policy is an intelligent marketing strategy to woo customers since the price is one of the key criteria of customers when buying a product. Who wouldn’t like to get a product at a cheaper rate? Fry’s Electronics, one of the renowned stores in the US, offers the best price match policy to keep customers happy and satisfied. 

Fry’s Electronics is an American big-box chain that sells consumer electronics, home electronics, computer hardware, tools, cosmetics, and lots more. If you need to buy something at Fry’s or have shopped recently you must read about the price match policy at Fry’s. This blog discusses the details of Fry’s electronics price match policy including and answers to the questions like does Fry’s price match and does Fry’s price match Amazon

Does Fry’s Price Match?

Yes, Fry’s do have a Price Match Policy that has garnered a lot of attention. As per this policy, the company assures the refund of the difference in the product’s price. Fry’s electronics price match policy helps the company to build trust and credibility in consumers’ minds. This is very essential to beat the fierce competition today. 

Today, every potential customer who intends to buy a Fry’s product asks “Does Fry’s price match?” When he knows that Fry’s do have a prime Match Policy, he is encouraged to buy a product from them. 

To claim price match difference, the customer must have proof of lower price by a competitor. It can be a newspaper ad or an ad in electronic format on mobile. You can also show bills of purchase i.e. receipt or printed advertisement/signage at competitor’s store.

When the customer presents the same at Fry’s within 30 days of purchase of the product, he can take advantage of Fry’s electronics price match policy. 

However, you must be aware of all the terms and conditions of Fry’s price match policy. For example, Fry’s policy covers identical items from the competitors. 

Several factors play an important role in this process, and if you are planning to claim for the best rates, then you must know about such factors. The next sections highlight the same. 

Fry’s Price Match Policy

Let’s understand the price match policy at Fry’s in detail. As mentioned above, it has several influencing factors; these are highlighted below:

  • It applies only to identical products – One of the first parameters that your purchased Fry’s product and the product with which you are comparing it to claim price match difference, both should be identical. It means the same model, configurations, features, color, and warranty period. Only when the product qualifies all these parameters, your product qualifies for the price match. 
  • Product availability – The next important factor that impacts the price policy is the availability of the product. For example, you saw a product online and wanted to match the price for the same at Fry’s; then you must ensure that the product is available at Fry’s; only then can you claim as per this policy. 

While Fry’s tries to assure its customers with the best price, there are certain exceptions to their price match policy, and if you are planning to get the best rates at Fry’s, you must know the exceptions to save yourself from unnecessary hassles. These are highlighted below:

  • The company doesn’t allow third-party intervention for the price match.
  • Including third-party in the sales of products will lead to denial of the price match. 
  • The policy is for one item one price match.
  • One has the right to verification of genuine price match requests.
  • The price comparison at Fry’s includes the shipping cost and applies to the in-store price excluding the taxes.
  • Online price verification is done in the store only, and that too when you are buying the product.
  • Items sold under the clearance sale or special discount hour at competitors store do not qualify for the price match criteria. 
  • If the competitor has made the pricing error, then it will not fall in this category. 
  • The company offers a price match policy only with certain listed competitors/stores, and so you must check the list before claiming the price match difference. 
  • Products that have low stock availability also don’t qualify for the price match policy.
  • Items sold on special days like festivals do not qualify for Fry’s Price match.
  • To qualify as a competitor of Fry’s, it must have a reseller contract with the manufacturers of the product. 

Now that you are aware of Fry’s electronics price match qualifying and exception parameters, our next segment takes you through a detailed understanding of the process of price match at Fry’s. 

How to Get Fry’s Price Match 

Before understanding the process of price match, you must know that Fry’s only allows it with certain online competitors. If you have purchased a product and find the same product (same color, model, features) with the same configuration at a lower price at the authorized stores within 30 days of purchase, Fry’s will match the price and refund the difference. 

To get Fry’s Price Match, you would need the original receipt of the product and proof of lower price like an ad or signage, etc. The following steps define the steps of getting the price match at Fry’s: 

  • Check the lower price information about the product and whether it is available or not.
  • You must have all the evidence of the information like proof of lower price and present the same at the Fry’s store. It can be a purchase receipt or picture of an advertisement or signage at a store.
  • You must claim for the lower price within 30 days of purchase of the product. 
  • After Fry’s completes the verification process, you will get a refund of the price difference. 


Fry’s store is a popular name among consumers of electronic goods and home appliances. With its price match policy, Fry’s ensure that their customer gets the best rate for the product they want and peace of mind.

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