GameStop Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

GameStop mission statement is “to deliver customer satisfaction.” The precision of this statement echoes the focus and specificity of this company. It makes its presence felt in the industry by:

  1. Offering attractive packages
  2. Setting the pace

As a retailer of gaming and consumer electronics, GameStop seeks to satisfy its clients by bringing the latest devices and games to their doorstep. It does this through an easy-to-access and order online platform. It also has more than 5, 700 stores in 14 nations. In all these shopping points, GameStop gives its customers competitive prices as well as options to trade in used devices and games for points through the buy-sell-trade program. As represented by the second component, innovation is a critical part of GameStop to give customers powerful experiences.


GameStop is the premier retailer of video gaming and consumer electronic products in the U.S. The company was formed in 1984 with the sole purpose of transforming the gaming industry through its market understanding and dynamic business operations. The mission and vision statement of this firm emphasizes on innovation and value creation to take the gaming industry to the next level. Their influence on the progress of GameStop is proof of how critical corporate statements are.

A corporate vision statement describes the future goals of a company, while a corporate mission statement outlines the strategic mechanism of driving the firm towards its ambitions. In this case analysis, the vision statement of GameStop zeroes on value creation. On the other hand, the mission statement emphasizes on the satisfaction of customer needs in the gaming world. The company also benefits from its core values as they stimulate a passionate working environment where all stakeholders feel part of the overall purpose of GameStop.

Vision Statement

GameStop vision statement is “together, we hold a passion for gaming, a commitment to our industry and a disciplined business perspective to continuously drive value with shareholders, customers, vendors, and employees.” The statement describes the holistic nature of the company in running its business. It focuses on:

  1. Passion for gaming
  2. Benefit to all

At GameStop, the priority is to contribute exhaustively to the gaming industry and offer clients the best experiences. Other than this, GameStop also ensures that everyone who interacts with the company in different capacities gets value for their investment.

Core Values

GameStop core values include “empowered, passionate, and responsible.” The three values protect the family of this company, which comprises of the customers, vendors, shareholders, and associates.

They also give the company a reputable corporate image.


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