Mission Statement of Geberit Group, a Swiss Sanitaryware Company

Every company is built with a purpose, and that purpose is defined by its “mission statement”. A mission statement helps a company build a clear strategy and run its operations in the most effective way possible. It also gives its customers or consumers a crystal clear view of the company and its values.

Like any other company, a sanitary ware company also has a mission statement on which it is incorporated to ensure the customers and even other stakeholders have clear expectations. Take an example of this Swiss sanitary ware brand sanitärbedarf – Sanitär Schweiz, its goal is to provide high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing products at affordable prices which helps it differentiate itself from other competitors.  

In addition, Geberit Group is another European leader in the sanitary products industry. If you are interested in knowing its purpose and values, keep reading this article!

A Quick Overview of the Geberit Group

Geberit Group was founded in the year 1874, and it is now headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. It boasts a total of 26 production facilities, whereas 4 are located overseas. It was listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange market in 2012.

Furthermore, the company operates worldwide, and it is also one of the most well-known brands in European countries providing sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.

Mission Statement of Geberit Group

Geberit Group has created its mission statement on the basis of two main factors, i.e., a clear mission and a long-term strategy to ensure success.

Clear Mission

It improves the quality of people’s lives by delivering innovative sanitary products. Excellence is the main element in driving their actions. While providing innovative products, it keeps working hard to keep a fine balance between economic, environmental, and social goals.

Long-Term Strategy

The proven and reliable long-term strategy of the Geberit Group is dependent on the four pillars, which are explained below.

1. Focus on Sanitary Products

Geberit has a diverse range of products and it integrates both functionality and aesthetics. They can be divided into three basic categories:

  • Installation and Flushing Systems – It features all sanitary installation technology and a wide variety of flushing solutions for toilets.
  • Piping Systems – It relates to piping technology that is required in buildings for drinking water, gas, and heating.
  • Bathroom Systems – All kinds of sanitary ware are included in this product range such as showers & bathtubs, shower toilets, bathroom ceramics & furniture, etc.

2. Commitment to Innovation and Design

Geberit claims “design meets function” for all its products, and there’s no doubt about it. In order to come up with innovative products, it carries out targeted and practical R&D along with solid market expertise based on years of experience and knowledge.

That’s why tens of thousands of workers are offered basic and advanced training every year to provide the utmost convenience to its consumers through products.

3. Selective Geographic Expansion

To increase its profitability without compromising on quality, Geberit focuses on strong growth in promising markets such as South Africa, South East Asia, China, and Australia in addition to Europe.

It supplies products in some countries, while in others, it engages in project businesses.

4. Continuous Optimization of Business Processes

Geberit has included continuous optimization of business processes in its long-term strategy too because it knows it will help the competitive cost structure.

This is done by encouraging positive development not only in the business operations but also in the employees who identify their improvement potential on a daily basis.

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